Simple and cheap ideas for wall decoration

August 7, 2014 • General,Home decor


Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have become fairly popular in Pakistan and we see a lot people interested in utilising their free time by putting apparently useless stuff to good use and satisfying their aesthetic senses.

Through the Blog, we try to offer useful and practical advice on various projects, DIY and others that may require professional help, concerning home and garden decoration and have received good response from our widespread readers. Seeing the popularity of home décor, we have decided to individually attend to different parts of the home and today’s pick is walls.

The wall provides the biggest and most appropriate canvas for all sorts of home décor. Covering these walls in simple paint but spending a fortune on furniture and decorative items around them is unfair. In fact, if you can decorate the walls of your house well enough, you need hardly spend extra cash on other decorative items, and how cool is that?

Let’s look at some simple and cheap wall projects for your home.

Fancy fabric, from attic to walls


We all have fabrics, shawls and scarves that are too precious to be thrown away and too out-of-fashion to wear. Well, you can put them to good use by getting them framed and preserving them forever. From small chunks to a whole piece, it takes only a modest amount of work to frame it in your desired pattern. When you pick the right wall to hang that classic piece of fabric framed in delicate style, make sure to keep its surroundings clear so that your precious fabric and its meticulously chosen frame can get the attention it truly deserves.

Bedazzle the wall


Now this one is truly DIY. Papering the whole wall is costly and difficult to do well by yourself, so if wallpaper is not what you’re going with, you can create your own piece of art to adorn your walls. Get a sheet of Styrofoam or Thermopore and cover it in a neutral shade of fabric. You can then use golden and silver sequins in a variety of sizes and pin them closely together on the fabric. Once fully covered, your dazzling piece of wall art is ready. Place it on your favourite wall and watch how it livens things up!

Mirror effect


Hanging large mirrors on walls for decoration purposes helps the room look bigger, but if that’s not what you’re after, mirrors are perfect for adorning your walls and making them look clean and modern. Get mirrors of different shapes and sizes, get them framed and hang them randomly on the wall, and you will see what an amazing effect they have. Visitors to your home will be sure to gaze in awe and ask you where you got the idea, at which point we recommend that you point them towards the Zameen Blog.

Wall stickers


Well, there is nothing DIY about this one, except that you will stick them on the wall yourself. You can find such stickers available in stores and pick your style. These delicate stickers can make any wall look like a piece of art. Just remember one thing; don’t overdo it.

While implementing these ideas to give your walls a makeover, you must keep the prevailing trends in mind. Pick one wall of the room, the main wall visible from the entrance, for decoration and you will be happy to see the effects.


3 Responses to Simple and cheap ideas for wall decoration

  1. misbah says:

    Whatiff I want to buy wall stickers??

    • Samra Zulfiqar Samra Zulfiqar says:

      Visit Harroon’s in Lahore or Islamabad. If you aren’t in either of these two cities, you can get them from any major bookstore.

  2. Khan says:

    Hi are there any self adhesive mirrors that i could source for my home. The ones you simply stick on the wall?


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