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Development Authority

January 8, 2019 • blog,Development Authority,Housing Schemes,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (1)

The unplanned expansions seen within the country’s major metropolises have come with their fair share of repercussions. Poor traffic conditions, improper parking facilities, power crises, and uneven distribution of resources: all have conspired to make these cities lose their charm. Development authorities in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi

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December 12, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (0)

  The much-awaited decision on the ban placed on construction of high-rise buildings in the city has been announced. To the relief of stakeholders, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has allowed real

November 15, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority,General,investment tips Comments (0)

Karachi, are you ready? Zameen.com has returned with a wide array of property options along with exclusive discounts! Gear up as we welcome you to an all-in-one real estate purchasing experience.

November 14, 2018 • blog,Development Authority,Housing Schemes Comments (2)

  Prime City is one of the newest and most promising projects in Faisalabad. A project by the reputable AH Developers, Prime City offers something for everyone through its wide range of

October 9, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority,General,investment tips Comments (8)

For the past decade or so, Gwadar has been an important part of the real estate vocabulary of Pakistan. However, many people have misconceptions and confusions about investing there, and have their

September 27, 2018 • blog,Development Authority,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (0)

Domestically, anti-encroachment drives are taking firm ground. This is primarily because the present government has laid special emphasis on ridding land, especially state land, of encroachers and

September 5, 2018 • blog,Buying,Commercial,Construction,Development Authority Comments (4)

Rawalpindi has a lot of exciting property options. A large number of properties are added to the pool every now and then, and is the reason why investor interest remains intact. This blog talks about

July 30, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority Comments (1)

  Following the elections last week, there is a wave of optimism in business activity all across the country. The real estate market is also making significant gains and all signs indicate that

July 9, 2018 • blog,Development Authority,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (2)

  This summer has proven to be Pakistan’s hottest and with a shortage of water in the country, concrete steps are being taken to ensure water needs are properly catered to in the country. Such

June 11, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (8)

Lahore is home to a number of private housing societies, some of which are located in areas much too far away from the city centre. In addition to that, some of these societies have failed to offer

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