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Interior designing is not often what most people think it to be. It does not only concern, for instance, the placement of furniture, the addition of colours and textures, or a general room decor layout. Its varied concepts are centred on a set of rules. Following these stipulations is important for making each home décor element integrate nicely –

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March 6, 2019 • blog,General Comments (0)

If you are a real estate market entrant, you may be wondering how to sell property in Pakistan. The task, as has long been the complaint of many a property affiliate in the country, can seem like a

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The wish to buy a plot in Pakistan tempts many people because our property sector holds a lot of ‘ever on the rise’ growth potential. In the past, investors only looking to score

March 5, 2019 • blog,Buying,General,investment tips Comments (1)

  Zameen Expo 2019 – Islamabad is almost here! This weekend, get ready to enjoy the top property options from across Pakistan under one roof. Set to take place at the acclaimed Pak-China

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Hiring a professional architect is normally one of the first steps towards designing your dream home. Ideally, an architect’s sound advice and careful mapping should lay the foundation of your

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The property sector has always managed to capture the interest of many in Pakistan. However, working with it is not a simple story of just buying a plot or home and selling it at a higher price. To

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Just as has grown to cover everything in Pakistani real estate, Zameen Expos have expanded as well. does not only deal with plots, apartments and houses! It also concerns itself

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Don’t get disheartened by your small outdoor space if you plan on developing a garden. With just a small nudge to the creative genius within, you can easily build a small garden for your home. And

February 27, 2019 • blog,Buying,investment tips,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (1)

Investment is pouring into Pakistan from all around the world. And according to most analysts, Gwadar is the reason why investors are paying this increased attention. Reportedly, the port city is all

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Home design enthusiasts love to experiment with new ideas, but some remain classic. Among these, leather is one material that never fails to uplift a room’s ambience. Such is the elegance of this

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