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In December 2016, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) announced that the master plan of Gwadar is set to be revised. At the same time, GDA stopped issuing NOCs for all industrial, commercial and residential projects. Initially the ban was only intended for six months. However, matters have remained delayed ever since it first came into effect. In the

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Painting is one of the easiest ways of remodelling your home. However, today’s marketplace features a wide variety of house paints. Homeowners, therefore, often become confused about making the

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Canal View Housing, Gujranwala is an interesting project that has attracted a fair amount of public attention. While slow in the beginning, price trends turned in its favour as it developed. This

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A home’s living room is the space to convene at different hours of the day. It is fairly often used to entertain casual guests too. Family brunches to a movie night with friends, the living room is

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The year started off strong for Zameen Expos with Pakistan’s biggest property event! Zameen Expo 2019 – Karachi was held on the 12th and 13th of January at the Expo Centre. Over 130 exhibitors

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In today’s world, we have no lack of innovative technologies. Every day, such innovations go about changing the world – as we know it. The variety of modern technologies, at our disposal,

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The news is out and it has left many developers and investors in Islamabad ecstatic. National Highway Authority (NHA)’s approval for private entities to build interchanges on motorways means better

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Each of us wants to live in the serene and exquisite environment of the capital. No location quite compares to the heart of Margalla Hills and Korang River for building a home. And the Tulip

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Real estate market trends in December were not all that different from the ones seen in the preceding month. Overall, it has been an uneventful time period in terms of market activity. Property

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  Building and designing a beautiful home is a dream that most of us have. We plan for years to make a perfect home. But when the time comes, it often proves to be an overwhelming task. Having

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