Prime City: The latest investment opportunity in Faisalabad

November 14, 2018 • blog,Development Authority,Housing Schemes


Prime City is one of the newest and most promising projects in Faisalabad. A project by the reputable AH Developers, Prime City offers something for everyone through its wide range of residential and commercial options.

Located on Satiana Road, the project with its fantastic location, presents a unique opportunity for investors and genuine buyers looking for homes near some of the best education, healthcare, and recreational institutes in the city.

Prime City is located just a 2-minute drive away from Faisalabad Bypass, and a 7-minute drive away from D-Ground Main Commercial Avenue. Some of the best schools in the city are located at just a short drive away from Prime City including both LGS and Beaconhouse, as is the Faisalabad campus of Sargodha University. IDS Hospital is also located nearby.

Property options: residential and commercial plots, houses, and shops

Prime City has all the different kinds and sizes of property options you could want in both residential and commercial property. Whether you want to go for a plot, a home, or a shop, this project spanning over 25 acres, has it all.

4-, 5-, 7-, 10-marla residential plots are available, as are 1.6-, 1.8- and 4.8-marla commercial plots. If you would rather choose constructed options 3.8-, 5-marla houses, and 1.9-marla shops are also available.  Below is the detailed payment plan for each of these.

Residential Plots

Category Unit Price (PKR) 30% Down Payment 12 Monthly Instalments 10% on Possession
4 marla 2,080,000 624,000 104,000 208,000
5 marla 2,600,000 780,000 130,000 260,000
7 marla 3,430,000 1,029,000 171,500 343,000
10 marla 4,800,000 1,440,000 240,000 480,000


Commercial Plots

Category Unit Price (PKR) 30% Down Payment 12 Monthly Instalments 10% on Possession
1.6 marla 2,000,000 600,000 100,000 200,000
1.8 marla 2,250,000 675,000 112,500 275,000
4.8 marla 5,760,000 1,728,000 288,000 576,000



Category Unit Price (PKR) 30% Down Payment 12 Monthly Instalments 10% on Possession
3.8 marla 6,600,000 1,980,000 330,000 660,000
5 marla 9,350,000 2,805,000 467,500 935,000



Category Type Unit Price (PKR) 30% Down Payment 12 Monthly Instalments 10% on Possession
1.9 marla Standard 4,950,000 1,485,000 247,500 495,000
1.9 marla Corner 6,050,000 1,815,000 302,500 605,000


Planned Amenities

Prime City is going to be a gated community with a fantastic security setup including an e-tag entrance system. The main boulevard is going to be 80 feet wide with luxuriant green belts along it and throughout the housing scheme.

The housing scheme will also feature a mosque, all the utilities, a water filtration plant, and an expansive 8.5-kanal main park.

Why consider investment?

Prime City is located on Satiana Road, near some of the new and coming housing schemes in the city. This area is the future of the city and the amount can be paid in easy instalments. Moreover, consistent work is taking place in the society as it is being developed, the construction schedule being followed strictly.

The project is planned to be luxurious and will provide all the modern amenities of life coupled with awesome aesthetics and beautiful finish, you can expect fantastic returns on any investments you make. It is not without reason that the houses and shops there are expected to have a rental yield of around 5%-7%.

Are you looking to invest in Prime City, Faisalabad? Do you have any questions about it? You can talk to us in the comments section. You can also head to the Zameen Forum for a detailed conversation.


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  1. Aamir Jahangir says:

    Dear Mr. Farhad,

    Nice blog. Do you have any comparison sheet of Prime City with other societies at Satiana Road & other areas in Faisalabad. If have, please share.


    Aamir Jahangir,
    Assistant Manager-Project Sales

  2. arslan says:

    thanks for this info


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