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December 11, 2018 • blog,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting,Tourism Comments (0)

  Does the name move you? If yes, then the place will too as it is located in the midst of mysterious yet welcoming Margalla Hills. And in order to experience all the magnificence that awaits you there, you don’t necessarily have to buy a property. Not to mention that being an owner of a cottage here gives you special perks. Here are all the

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September 18, 2018 • blog,Buying,General,Housing Schemes,Renting Comments (1)

It is the most popular locality in the city when it comes to renting a flat. Gulshan-e-Iqbal’s central location, its availability of options in terms of size and rental price tags and the fact that

August 8, 2018 • blog,General,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting,Selling Comments (0)

Zameen.com’s new TV commercial is out, and its gripping emotional storyline is leaving everyone with tears in their eyes! You can check it below, or on our Facebook page and YouTube channel –

July 23, 2018 • blog,General,Renting Comments (1)

  Moving to the UAE for your career is one of the goals that many professionals in Pakistan have. However, even if you receive a job offer and accept it, there are a multitude of things you must

March 26, 2018 • blog,Commercial,General,Home decor,Renting Comments (0)

If you live in a rental home, there is a certain set of rules you must follow to avoid trouble with your landlord when it comes to changing the look of the place. The security deposit you pay is

February 20, 2018 • blog,Buying,Commercial,Construction,Development Authority,General,Housing Schemes,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting,Selling,Tourism Comments (2)

Karachi, the largest city of the country, is a melting pot of all kinds of people. Called the mini-Pakistan by the people of Karachi themselves, the sprawling city is an example of all kinds of

February 7, 2018 • blog,Renting Comments (0)

  Whether you are looking to rent a house, or to rent out your own house in Quetta, here is all the data you need to know about the rental market situation in January 2018. Look at some of the

January 30, 2018 • blog,Buying,Commercial,Construction,Development Authority,General,Home decor,Housing Schemes,investment tips,Leasing,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting,Selling,Taxation,Tourism Comments (0)

Zameen Expo 2018 Lahore is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited. Happening right within the cultural hub of Pakistan, this is an event you just cannot miss. We are bringing to

January 26, 2018 • blog,Buying,General,Home decor,Housing Schemes,investment tips,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting,Selling Comments (9)

Zameen Expo 2018 is returning to where the journey of our expos all began, Lahore! Let the cultural capital of Pakistan embrace you with the iconic phrase of this charming city- Jee Ayaa Nu. We

January 26, 2018 • blog,Buying,investment tips,Renting Comments (0)

Due to a huge demand for housing in Pakistan, the prices for houses never seem to stay put. While this may be great for the health of the real estate sector, it can sometimes put people in dilemma

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