The essentials of an elegant drawing room

May 12, 2015 • General,Home decor


The entire notion of a formal drawing room makes it perhaps the most carefully looked after part of the house. Even if we don’t receive formal guests very often, many of us are still inclined to go a little off the budget when it comes to decorating the drawing room. I, for one, am up for having a room in the house that keeps the family conscious about using it carefully.

The drawing room represents the sophistication we aspire to in our lives and therefore we continue to attend to every tiny detail of this room. But let me be honest with you, I am tired of the cold, impersonal feel modern formal drawing rooms tend to have, and those neutral shades of white and gold now bore me. This most important part of the house should have a distinct feel of its own, and for that you need to think out of the box. Let me help you with that.

Lighting fixtures and chandelier


If you want a major and lasting change in your drawing room, you need to address the small details. In case of lights and bulbs, we are often okay with the old framed tube light rods and bulb holders. More often than not, we also end up choosing conventional chandeliers for the drawing room.

The lighting determines the look of a room more than you might think, so when it comes to giving your drawing room a different look, you must think of changing the light fixtures as well. If you choose these items carefully, they will most likely turn out to be a smart investment for years to come.

Rugs and carpets


Wall-to-wall carpeting is often chosen to hide unattractive concrete floors or the chips floors of a bygone era. If that is the case in your drawing, I suggest you keep the carpets. But if you have tiled or marble floors, there is no room for old and boring carpeting in your drawing. Your shiny floors are best kept exposed so that the room not only looks open but also bright and clean.

A centre rug is, however, a must for formal drawing rooms since it defines the furniture settings and gives the room a cosier feel. While choosing the rug for your drawing room, you must pick one that goes well with the shape of the room as well as the sort of furniture setting you have in mind. Handmade rugs in conventional patterns rarely go out of fashion, if ever, and the only reservation one could face while buying them would be their cost, which is usually a little higher than ordinary rugs.

Decoration pieces


Not a long time ago, decoration items made in glass and crystal dominated the drawing room’s décor but fortunately, despite still being fairly expensive, they are being replaced by decoration pieces made of ceramic and metal. With a wide variety available in terms of style and shapes of ceramic decoration pieces, you can also add some interesting colours to your otherwise sombre-looking drawing room. There is no limitation in terms of what sort of colours you could choose while buying decoration pieces for you drawing room, since a little bit of a funky look never hurt anybody. However, please don’t choose something that doesn’t even go with itself. There are decoration pieces like that out there, so consider yourself warned.

Wall art


Walls make up the biggest canvas in any room and are thus the perfect place to show off your flare for home décor. Instead of having just one big typical landscape painting on the main wall, you can opt for several paintings or prints in different sizes and mix and match.

However, please remember that if you overdo the walls, you will likely end up with something that just doesn’t have the formal feel you would want in a drawing room. Use your best judgement in this case.



You must have found the leggy furniture unattractive a while ago, but all of it has become the latest home décor trend for formal drawing room these days and rightly so, since nothing works better than a nice display of delicately carved furniture. The sofas clad in plush fabric and adorned with cushions and back covers, too, are now outdated. Now you need sofas, chairs and tables that show the floor beneath and attract onlookers’ interest with their skilfully crafted woodwork patterns.

Curtains and upholstery


For curtains and upholstery, the recent trends are dominated by single tones in self print. This is one area where you can afford to be conventional, however, because even though you can experiment with bold colours, they are unlikely to be appealing for long. Chances are that you would soon revert to shades of white, gold, brown and beige. But if you’re set on adding a bit of colour to your drawing room, one great way to do so is to get a set of chairs upholstered in a vividly contrasting and bright shade, which would pop on a neutral background.

Lamps, flowers and potpourri


Unlike bedrooms, a single corner lamp can do just fine in a drawing room. If you’re using a table lamp, you have to pick the main and more visible corner of the drawing room. You can pay special attention to that corner with additional decoration items such as artificial flowers and potpourri.

Lamps made of wrought metal are more appropriate for the drawing room, since their classic, rustic look will ensure a good balance between the different look you wish to introduce to your drawing and its formal feel that must nevertheless be maintained.

Decoration of a drawing could turn out to be an expensive affair and doing it in one go is difficult for many people. What you can do instead is invest a little every month and once you are done, throw a party!

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  1. sana bashir says:

    I really like home decoration. In fact, I have spent a lot of time on it. It’s a good art.

  2. Khurshid Khurshid says:

    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. The extent of decorating one’s drawing room is purely choice of the owner, but taking specialists services certainly adds to the interior design.


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