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mid-rise buildings

August 27, 2014 • Construction,investment tips,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (0)

Present day developers seem to be oddly inclined towards constructing housing societies on agricultural lands, which not only causes dearth of agricultural products, but also leaves the farmers mull other means of earning bread and butter to make ends meet. On the other hand, construction of high-rise buildings is quite popular in developed...

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August 27, 2014 • General,Pakistan Real Estate Comments (2) has added another remarkable feature in the exclusive services it offers to its fairly widespread clientele. The portal has launched an iPhone app for its distinguished iPhone users. A lot...


August 27, 2014 • Buying,investment tips,Pakistan Real Estate,Renting Comments (0)

Real estate investment in land has its own perks as it rewards investors with reasonable gains earned over a certain period of time. As opposed to that, investing in houses can be more rewarding...

coin vase final

August 27, 2014 • Home decor Comments (0)

It is time to put all your spare change to good use. Instead of throwing away a fist full of 1 rupee coins away why not store them and make a jaw dropping beautiful vase. What you need to make it:...


August 26, 2014 • General,Home decor Comments (1)

Property in Islamabad is expensive, perhaps the most expensive in Pakistan and even then its demand doesn’t seem to ever go down. With the recent events in the Federal Capital that seem to have no...


August 26, 2014 • General,Home decor Comments (0)

Lighting fixtures are the most important part of home construction. Although most of the modern lights are decorative in nature, the fact remains that the main purpose of these lights is to brighten...


August 25, 2014 • General Comments (10)

Houses that have basements are considered top property choices among potential house hunters. Most of the houses built on a budget don’t have basements primarily because the construction cost...

transfer SOPs

August 22, 2014 • News & Updates Comments (0)

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has revised its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), aiming to ease transfer of plots in any housing society under the authority. According to the revised...


August 22, 2014 • General,Home decor Comments (0)

Budget is the most important factor that shapes the process of home construction and renovation. In the case of flooring, it is not just the price of material but also the labour cost and various...


August 20, 2014 • Construction,General,Home decor Comments (0)

Most of the houses in posh areas are known for their unique designs, mostly the exterior. Since these houses are grand in their own manner, people tend to notice them more, but the fact remains that...

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