Design ideas for a small living room

January 14, 2019 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors

A home’s living room is the space to convene at different hours of the day. It is fairly often used to entertain casual guests too. Family brunches to a movie night with friends, the living room is kind of like a ‘home-central’ for most people. Because of this reason, you want it to be comfortable and inviting.

Now you might be tempted to think that this is a difficult task to accomplish with a small space. However, certain smart ideas make a confined living room come to life.

Most well-designed homes provide reasonable space in the living room. But sometimes, certain architectural challenges really end up limiting this provision. Don’t let them sour your design ideas!

All you need to learn are a few design tricks.

Decisions like applying illusion of space, the right colour scheme, and a clever placement of furniture can make a significant difference to compact interiors.

Here is how you can make the most out of your small living room.

1.Awkwardly shaped room

One of the usual problems with a small living room area can be its shape. You may have to deal with awkward angles at the points where the walls meet. A situation like this can be a challenge to decorate. But you need to take this as an opportunity instead. These troublesome angles can be transformed into the room’s focal points.

Placing furniture within such a space also poses a problem. Choose simpler pieces that will prove less problematic with adjustments. If a space seems too odd to place the furniture in – but happens to be the only feasible option – try anchoring it with bold patterns.

2.Make it cosy

In the design sphere, compact equals cosy.

Making a small space cosier makes it more likeable.

Choose your interior elements to enhance your room’s relaxed ambience. Consider placing the furniture pieces close to each other. A soft-looking rug will complete an intimate atmosphere.

3.Create an illusion of space

Many interior professionals use certain well-known design tricks to make any room appear spacious. Mirrors are the easiest way to create such an illusion. Those specifically placed opposite to windows reflect light easily.

Reflecting surfaces like glass table tops work well too.

Another trick is to hang the curtains a couple of inches higher than the top frame of your windows. This adds an illusion of height.

Remember to keep the curtain designs simple to maintain your room’s airiness. Laying down a large rug in a bold pattern will also make a room appear bigger.

4.Be bold and dramatic

Working with a small space does not mean you can’t be dramatic with your design choices. You may have to use simpler furniture, but you can still choose bolder colours. Walls in glossy shades add significant glam to the space. Similarly, your accessories can feature dark and bold palettes too.

5.Incorporate texture

When you’re going with simpler types of furniture and accessories, adding texture to the room can seem difficult. But one easy way to do so is to use indoor plants.

There is no lack of variety to the plants you can easily grow and maintain. In addition to adding context, these plants look pretty, refreshing, and some can clean indoor air too!


Designing a white-on-white living room is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many simply shy away from this brave interior choice.

However, it is a smart option for a small living room. It looks cleaner and simple. And it makes your room bright enough to take attention away from its size.

7.Manage storage

Your living room should house the electronics and other gizmos smartly. We won’t recommend having an entire home system installed in a small room. But you can make do with a flat-screen TV mounted on one of your walls.

The next step is to clear the clutter, which can unnecessarily occupy the room’s space. Use wire-hiding hardware and wall mounted shelves; preferably around the TV area.

A small living room does not have to be a cause for woe if you know how to work it to your advantage. Share your design ideas for compact rooms in the comments section below.

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