How to create a monochromatic interior theme for your home

February 8, 2019 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors

A great variety of colour combinations make it fun to design our homes. However, at times, simplicity is creative on its own.

Monochromatic colour themes can look incredible when used correctly. They particularly work well for modern homes. Sleeker and minimalistic interiors are increasingly becoming a popular choice among homeowners nowadays. And monochromatic interior provide exactly those benefits.


Understanding the monochromatic style

You are absolutely correct to believe that a monochromatic theme translates to one colour. But that is just the literal translation. When it comes to home decor, a monochromatic interior also means using the tones, tints, and shades of the one colour you have chosen.

It is important that we erase any confusion regarding the terms we just used. A tone means that grey has been added to the chosen colour. Meanwhile, tint and shade mean the addition of white and black respectively.


How is a monochromatic style trendy?

Most of us love to use a combination of colours. Therefore, sticking to a single-colour theme may appear as boring. Some might even think such interiors to be overwhelming and unappealing.

However, monochromatic interiors get their creative factor from a focus on textures and shapes. Also, the use of tones, tints, and shades prevents the risk of a drab ambience.


Designing in the monochromatic style

If you love colours but have an affinity for simplicity at the same time, then monochromatic interior designing will make your life easier.


Here is how you can incorporate it into your home:

Balancing with neutrals

Once again, it is a myth that you can use the variations of only one colour throughout the room for a monochromatic aura. You can actually choose a primary hue for the monochromatic variations, and then balance with some percentage of a neutral colour. Some colours do well with white, while muted pastels complement others.


Making it even simpler

If you want the room’s ambience to lean more towards the simpler and sophisticated side, then white, grey, and beige are quite good choices. Your aim is to keep it simpler, and not boring. Therefore, don’t forget to make it interesting with textures. Wood, for example, adds a lovely touch to a room. And there are plenty of creative ideas to utilise it for your interiors. Similarly, certain textiles work nicely too.


Play with patterns

Just like textures, patterns play an important role to brighten up a monochromatic interior. Since you have the freedom to use some percentage of neutral colour other than your chosen monochrome hue, this should not be so difficult to establish. For example, in a bedroom, you might feel more comfortable using plain bedding, but don’t be shy about patterned ones either. In the same way, cushions, carpets, and even wall art can fulfil the purpose of using patterns.

However, make sure that whatever patterns you utilise must retain the monochromatic theme. The neutrals should only be visible enough to keep a balance.


Don’t be shy about bolder colours

It is totally understandable that homeowners feel more comfortable with neutrals when decorating in a monochromatic style. The harmony of the room is easier to manage this way. But bold colours like pink and yellow can produce amazing interior results too.

Choosing hues from the bolder side of the colour wheel will add a refreshing and vibrant touch to your rooms. While toned down palettes are relaxing, bolder monochromatic themes are instant mood boosters.


Playing it safe

If you are an amateur in terms of home décor, but are willing to test the creative waters, you can still use monochromatic themes. You just have to play safer. You neither have to keep it too simple, like going with white and beige, neither you have to make it bold.

Instead, you can opt for colours that won’t fail you. Blue and black are the safest possible choices for creating a monochromatic interior. Easier to implement, these hues also allow you the freedom to broaden your creative horizons.


Hopefully, we have busted certain myths regarding monochromatic interiors now. If you are seeking a harmonious ambience for certain rooms of your home, then don’t be shy about designing them in this style.


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