Innovative designing technologies for creative home décor

January 11, 2019 • blog,Construction,General,Home decor,Interiors

In today’s world, we have no lack of innovative technologies. Every day, such innovations go about changing the world – as we know it. The variety of modern technologies, at our disposal, pave the way for better ideas in different commercial sectors. The home décor industry is no different.

All around the world, designers come up with amazing décor ideas and trends. With the aid of cutting-edge technologies, these ideas can become a reality. Both software and hardware solutions are enhancing home décor nowadays. Interior designers and architects often use 3D modelling software to virtually create what they plan to implement. This make their services more customised as clients can direct changes more easily. Similarly, hardware technologies such as laser and water-jet cutting have given rise to popular home décor trends.

Desinyo is providing specialised services of laser and water-jet cutting for home décor elements in Pakistan. Their premium services allow you to build your dream home.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting aims at precision when creating shapes out of stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon sheets. It comes highly recommended for creating 2D shapes. Due to its technological advancement, it makes possible to cut almost any 2D shape.

Laser cut decor has become extremely trendy in home interiors (and exteriors). You will find it in furniture, stair railings, lamps, photo frames, etc. The technology is also used for creating architectural elements such as wall partitions and certain geometric aspects.

Desinyo makes use of premium laser cutting machines to create intricate but precise 2D shapes. In addition to steel, aluminium, and carbon, shapes are also fashioned from brass, bronze, copper, plastic, and other materials.

Water-jet cutting

Water-jet cutting machines use high pressure jets of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. This technology is used to create shapes out of metal, plastic, as well as other materials. The process gives precise results. Shapes created with this method often don’t need a secondary finish.

Similar to laser cutting, water-jet cutting is also used for multiple décor elements. The application of this technology is visible in modern marble wall and floor medallions, metal screens, house number plates, furniture, and decorative ornaments.

Desinyo utilises the best water-jet cutting machines to deliver high-quality projects to its clients. The company’s team of professionals can fashion intricate shapes out of foam, tile, stone, and glass; in additional to metal and plastic materials.

Beauty of modern technologies

Advanced technologies like laser and water-jet cutting have proven their worth in making the home interior industry better. Their beauty is also evident from the fact that they are used in realizing both traditional and contemporary home décor trends. From crafting old-fashioned furniture to incorporating clean lines of minimalist design, laser and water-jet cutting provide a lot of creative freedom for professionals.

Currently, Desinyo is offering services of laser and water-jet cutting, in addition to CNC router-cutting and custom fabrication. The company’s portfolio showcases a variety of intricate designs in stair railings, partitions, false ceilings, furniture, gates, and other home décor items.

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