The LDA checklist for investors in private housing schemes

June 11, 2018 • blog,Buying,Development Authority,Pakistan Real Estate

Lahore is home to a number of private housing societies, some of which are located in areas much too far away from the city centre. In addition to that, some of these societies have failed to offer possession to the property owners even years after the time the developers had earlier committed.

To warn people against unreliable real estate developments and help them keep their investment safe, the Lahore Development Authority shares ads through print media declaring the housing projects illegal for which the developer hasn’t received an NOC. In addition to that, the official website of the LDA also has a list of approved and unapproved housing schemes.

To further guide the buyers about picking the right project to invest in, the LDA shares a detailed checklist:

General Instructions

  • As a buyer, you shouldn’t get tempted by fancy marketing campaigns, impressive booking offices, and expensive brochures. Complete details regarding the society being approved, its payment plan, and related details must be acquired and verified.
  • Before proceeding with booking a plot, you should pay the project site a visit. The Revenue Department Punjab must also be consulted to confirm if the developer has ample land available to develop this society.
  • Many developers do not mention development charges in their marketing campaign. Before making any payments, get the information about development charges in writing.
  • Developers also claim to have approvals for sewerage work and connections for water, gas, telephone and electricity or state that their applications are in process with the concerned authority. These claims must also be verified.
  • The facilities often marketed by the developers aren’t available on the site; plots reserved for such amenities are sold out. Buyers shouldn’t just check that the area for facilities like schools, mosuqes, parks and hospitals is are marked on the map but also visit the site and find out if the land is actually reserved for them.
  • Visit the site in person to verify the developers’ claim about their project’ proximity with important developments within the city.
  • Inquire about how soon development work in the society will be completes, when property possession will be granted, and if there will additional charges to be paid for getting possession of your property.
  • Get written confirmation from the developer that you will not be required to pay any charges other than those mentioned in the payment plan or agreed upon by both parties.
  • Make payments through bank draft or a pay order. Keep record of stamped receipts of the payment.
  • Keep a record of the society, company, developers details including their phone numbers, address, and emails.

The Checklist

The LDA has offered some real insight into finding out if the chosen project is actually going to make it a safe and rewarding investment for you:

  • Ask for an official letter issued by the authority concerned and final map/town-plan as a proof that the society has received its approval for development.
  • Get exact details on the number of plots available for sale within the project, with details of each plot size and type.
  • Ask for details of the plots (plot numbers, blocks) that the society has mortgaged with the concerned authority.
  • Find out if the plot you intend to purchase falls in the land or area that the society has received an NOC for.
  • Be absolutely sure that the plot you picked hasn’t been mortgaged.
  • Find out if the plot you have picked is not located on the land reserved for amenity plots (area marked for school, parks, mosque, hospital, graveyard, and community centre etc.)
  • Before you proceed with booking process, be sure that the society is not being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau, or any other authorised body. Also find out if there is a case being heard by any court against the society.

Who to call for more details?

You can also seek more details from the directors of different wings;

  • Director Metropolitan Planning for Lahore Zone I (Thokar Niaz Baig, Chohang, Mohlanwal, UBD Canal, Jalo Mor, Manawan, Thari Road, Sundar, Raiwind Road, Manga, Bahria Town) can be reached at:



  • Director Metropolitan Planning Lahore Zone II (Ferozepur Road, Defence Road, Barki Road, Sua-e-Asil Road, Raiwind Road, Bahria Town) is available at:



  • Director Metropolitan Planning Lahore Zone III (District Sheikhupura, District Nankana Sahib) is available at:



  • For confirmation of plots housing societies mortgage with the respective administrative body, amenity plots and land reserved for parks, masjid, school etc., get in touch with Director Estate Management at:



The LDA also recommends that you get details about private housing schemes from its official website or the LDA One Window Cell in the main office in Johar Town between 8 AM to 1 PM.

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9 Responses to The LDA checklist for investors in private housing schemes

  1. Saif Ullah Zafar Jarral says:

    Dear samra,

    Thank you for this very very useful information. I Appreciate

  2. Shahzad says:

    Dear Samra,

    Please let me know current status of State life Housing Society Phase II. Furthermore, , I own a plot in DHA Phase 7, Y block, is this the right time to sell it. if so how much?

    your kind help will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards

  3. Athar says:

    Dear Samra

    Do you have the same checklist for ISB/RWP region as well.


  4. Ali Tanveer says:

    Dear Samra,

    kindly tell about Qasim garden. if it’s approved or unapproved and illegal? I have bought a plot there and very confused. on website i have read that Qasim Garden housing scheme is illegal and Qasim Garden is unapproved. what is the difference between in these two names?

    • Samra Zulfiqar Samra Zulfiqar says:

      This means the society doesn’t have an NOC from the LDA, making it illegal. Such societies do not have their project plans approved by the authority, where certain standards have to be followed by the private housing projects. Sometimes, applications (by developers) are also under process with the governing bodies for approval and this may take a while.

      The fact remains that if LDA doesn’t approve a project, it can seal the society office, break down the its roads and sewerage system, block the society from buying and selling property etc.

  5. Arif butt says:

    samra jee,
    this is muhammad Arif butt here i bought plot in pakarab housing socity in golf view lan ( plot No 307) pak arab given me demacration letter only. i am confused that what else document i should get from them.

    • Samra Zulfiqar Samra Zulfiqar says:

      You must get in touch with the society management as soon as possible and find out if you have completed all formalities regarding safe plot transfer.

  6. zunaira says:

    i want to know if state life cooperative housing society phase 2 is LDA approved or not.


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