The versatility of wood for interior designing

December 12, 2018 • blog,Construction,General,Home decor,Interiors


Wood is a natural element that is classic and timeless in its use for interior designing. It has been used both in construction and designing for practical and decorative reasons, for quite a long time. Since wood is so versatile and useful, architects and designers love to incorporate its texture and aesthetic into living spaces.

Wood brings a homely feeling to the interiors due to its warmth. Nowadays, interiors can be creatively designed given the variety of wood finishings. Regardless of what part of the house it is in, there is no one way of using wood. From doors and furniture to floors and ceilings, wood comes in handy. It can also be carved in exceptionally intricate designs to add decorative touches to the interior.

Here is how wood has been used in interior designing for ages:


Wooden furniture is well-liked for its sturdiness and longevity. At the same time, wood can be cut and carved to create both traditional and contemporary furniture designs. Different wooden textures and hues are compatible with a variety of colour palettes used in a house.

Walls and Flooring

Wood makes a wonderful material for walls and flooring. In walls, wood can be used as an accent texture, panel coatings over concrete, or dividers.

On the other hand, hardwood floors are considered to be a luxury. While wooden walls and floors look incredible in their aesthetic, these are also useful for insulation in colder regions.


Wooden ceilings have several benefits. For homes that are built near noisy areas, wooden ceilings can block sounds. Additionally, there are plenty of ways to design wooden ceilings; making it easier to create aesthetic appeal. False ceilings and beams are also common.


A well-designed staircase is not just practical, but also brings a certain grandeur to home interiors. Staircases designed in wood are sturdy and beautiful at the same time. While some homes feature entire staircases made from wood, others will partially use the material to highlight texture.

Fittings and décor

Interior fittings such as shelves, cabinets, vanities, counters, and more, can be easily designed using a variety of wood finishings. In some contemporary homes, even the bathtubs and sinks are being installed in specially coated wood.

Wooden décor is also a prominent evidence of the material’s versatility. Carved wood is often used in frames for mirrors and photographs. Other wooden crafts like vases, lampshades, and lamp bases also make use of wooden textures. In architectural décor, wood can be seen in trusses, pillars, archways, doors, railings, etc.

Given this incredible versatility of wood, it remains a prominent natural material in interiors and architecture. With no one way of using wood, the material is useful for both modern and traditional interiors. It is not just practical in its application, but offers flexibility during construction process too, because wood can be cut and sized on the site.

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