Winter tourism and its impact on Murree’s property market

January 9, 2019 • blog,Buying,investment tips,Pakistan Real Estate

The recent bout of snowfall in Murree continues to attract droves of excited visitors to the hill city. With effective measures taken to address travellers’ concerns, the resort town has so far managed to keep its charm intact. So there is no reason why Murree shouldn’t be on your go-to list for spending this year’s winter vacations.

The snowfall factor

With lots of people headed towards Murree for winter vacationing, the property market was bound to grow, right? At least many thought so – initially. But the ground reality proved to be a bit different.

At present, agents operating in Murree are facing major impediments due to the heavy snowfall in their business dealings. Because of it, travelling on the city’s winding roads has become a very risky venture for tourists. This situation also keeps many people from visiting the housing projects where they intend to invest. Not to mention the fact that blocked traffic avenues severely limit everyone’s movements. And what’s more, travellers generally avoid heading to places other than those located in Murree proper.

The limitations

In almost all major parts of central Murree, construction activity has been banned. And due to restricted roads access, travelling to suburban areas isn’t proving to be every visitor’s cup of tea. Some of these blocked areas feature active real estate projects. Because of this issue, the rural areas of Murree are now being preferred by serious visitors for investment purposes.

The concerns

Due to discrepancies found in the transaction records of shamlat land in the region, a ban has been placed on its transfer. A big chunk of area in Murree, as well as its adjoining towns and villages, is comprised of shamlat land. This situation has now left many landowners worried about their investment. Many projects featuring such land holdings have been put on hold. Consequently, investment opportunities for people eyeing cheaper property options for long-term gains have also lessened.

Murree’s rural spots

The projects located in rural Murree hold great investment prospects. These are essentially meant to help shift the load off the city’s central parts. For this reason, extensive land buying was witnessed in these areas during the past couple of years. And the projects that do not feature shamlat are rather few.

Inauguration of several world-class resort facilities is expected in the region. Roads connectivity has also improved lately. With several roads now widened and made safer with retaining walls, many can see that Murree is expanding.

Providing facilities

As you read these lines, infrastructure is being laid to provide gas connections to many areas of rural Murree. The neighbourhood is on track to embrace these developments in the form of higher market rates for transferable properties. Not to mention that existing projects have seen constant addition of infrastructural facilities in the past.


The advice

If you are in Murree right now, avoid adventure exploration. It would be better to confine your movements to the areas that you’re familiar with. This is especially important for those days on which snowfall is expected. On a clear day, you should head to rural Murree to pay a visit to selected projects. For this purpose, you may want to bring along an estate agent who is familiar with the area and the projects located there.

Such exploration in winter is recommended because that’s when bargaining – to bring property rates down – is made possible. Like I mentioned earlier, plan this visit on a clear day to avoid any inconvenience.

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