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  • July 22, 2016 • news

    Islamabad: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has decided to sentence illegal occupants of property a term in jail for at least 10 years, as per a news source. Reportedly, a five-justice bench led by Justice Faisal Arab decided that all classes of offenders could

  • July 21, 2016 • news

    The recent standstill seen in the market in terms of property sale and purchase activity followed by protests held by property agents throughout the country lead to a formal meeting between Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Revenue Haroon Akhtar Khan,

  • July 20, 2016 • news

    Lahore: Development work in DHA Lahore Phase VIII Ivy Green starts today, reads a press release issued by the DHA. Earlier in the day, a formal ceremony, presided by Administrator DHA Lahore Brig. Zafar Yaseen, was held. The well known Chinese company MCC

  • July 19, 2016 • news

    Karachi: Airports Security Force (ASF) Foundation society has announced an extension in the last date for registration of properties in ASF Housing Scheme, Karachi. The last date for registration is now July 28, which was July 20 previously, as per a news

  • July 19, 2016 • news

    The Finance Bill 2016 caught everyone by surprise in the real estate sector, especially persons with black money and short term speculators. For them it is a nightmare that FBR can value the properties at fair market value, which has taxation repercussions

  • July 18, 2016 • news

    Lahore: The realty market of Pakistan is awaiting decisions made in today’s meeting of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar with real estate stakeholders regarding the recently imposed taxes and new property valuation laws. Reportedly, real estate agents and

  • July 15, 2016 • news

    Islamabad: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has invited stakeholders of the real estate market to voice their opinions, concerns, and relevant recommendations at a meeting on July 18, according to a notice issued to all associations concerned. The meeting will be

  • July 15, 2016 • news

    Islamabad: Amid concerns that property investors may choose to invest in other countries because of the recent changes in property valuation laws and taxes, Naveed Zafar Ashfaq Jaffery & Co., an accountancy firm, has recommended a tax amnesty scheme,

  • July 15, 2016 • news

    Before you assume that this is another blog about how the Finance Bill 2016 has made things difficult for the real estate sector, let me clarify that it is not. In fact, it discusses some of the very useful suggestions given by Naveed Zafar Ashfaq Jaffery

  • July 13, 2016 • news

    Instalment plans are indeed a catalyst in the real estate market as investors are given the option to pay for their property in the form of small payments over a period of time as opposed to a lump sum payment. This makes it easier for them to purchase

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