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[16 Replies]
How much property rates mentioned at http://islamabad.Olx.Com.Pk/ and http://www.Zameen.Com are reliable? I realise that property rated mentioned at Zameen are bit on the higher side than the property rates mentioned at olx. I think based on the rates mentioned on these websites one cannot get an exact guess or a finer guess about property rates in a particular area. What is the opinion of experts of this forum about this issue? Btw I was looking to find rates of a good plot of size 30*60 in B-17 block B and in block C.

    614 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    (2604 posts)
    Sir on the internet prices will always be on the higher side. Exact prices can be assessed after thoroughly visiting the market and realtors...
    614 days ago 

    (35 posts)
    Brother IB

    Call these below numbers, at the end you should be able to know exact market value of diff sizes of plots....

    ID Name Mobile No Sector Name
    4 Dealer 1 0300-5073963 B-17
    5 Dealer 1 051-2110838 B-17
    6 Dealer 1 0321-5825157 B-17
    7 Dealer 1 0315-5874112 B-17
    23 Dealer 2 0300-5000091 B-17
    65 Gallani Estate 0333-5237398 B-17
    68 Gallani Estate 0345-5237398 B-17
    100 Suffa Awias 0333-5323154 B-17
    106 Dealer 3 0333-9669552 B-17
    107 Dealer 3 0346-6800888 B-17
    108 Win Win Associate 0321-5999944 B-17
    109 Win Win Associate 0333-5000443 B-17
    115 Poineer 0321-5155384 B-17
    130 EM-En Associates 0333-5327032 B-17
    132 Mj Associates 0300-5317034 B-17
    591 days ago 

    Tanveer Yous..
    (207 posts)
    I don't think so; actually the rate depends upon other several factors which we ignore in the first look. For example I can see a house on OLX of 1 Kanal in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, reflecting the demanding price as Rs. 32,500,000 Pakistani I Kanal house OLX
    Whereas a property with the same area on Zameen is showing far less price I Kanal House Zameen

    So we should keep some certain things in mind like construction status, construction age, number of portions; rooms, etc., that directly hit the price.

    However, you can contact some estate agents in Islamabad for the better assistance and price information. Here is the link to the list of active agents in Islamabad.

    List of Islamabad Based Agents


    Tanveer Yousaf
    590 days ago 

    (35 posts)
    Brother IB question ends on, that how to find market value of B-17/B & C nice location plot of size 30*60? to find market value of built house or home is diff story.

    For Market Value of plots if you phone about 30 of real estate agents which deals in that specific Sector, then some how you can reach to some conclusion about market value, but its not the only technique, which you should trust blindly! There are some other techniques as well...

    Brother Tanveer
    The List, which link you provided, these agents are about 1000.How you can phone all of them.May be the property in sector which you looking, they does not deal in that. You should know that which dealer deals in which sector. Otherwise this will be the waste of time.
    590 days ago 

    Mr. Khan
    (3486 posts)
    Generally the plot rates are on the higher side. But after thorough examination and contacts with real estate agents, one can easily reach to the actual value. The search on internet can provide a good starting/ reference point. Regards
    590 days ago 

    Arsalan Khan
    (5 posts)
    @Mushtaq, you are right and I'm agree with you but as know a good percentage of the people on this forum is internet savvy and they know how to extract the information.
    Checking the profile page of each agent, you get their physical addresses and easily get to know where they are working.

    Especially, Featured agents will be of great help as most of them are actively dealing in broader circle of the city.
    590 days ago 

    (538 posts)
    I have found the prices mentioned here to be fairly accurate. However you should be aware of the difference between asking price and selling price. The asking price is usually always slightly higher than the actual selling price. Therefore you should slightly discount the average of asking prices mentioned here to get the likely price of a plot.
    530 days ago 

    (234 posts)
    Thank you Arshad sb for presenting your opinion and keeping the thread alive.
    529 days ago 

    (642 posts)
    I agree with the original post that the asking rates on Zameen are slightly on the higher side. However, as Arshad sb has rightly pointed out, we should be aware that the prices mentioned are not the going rates but just the asking prices, and frankly, I have seen some property ads posted on both sites where ppl ask for insane prices. These rates can be used to get a general idea of price level but getting info on the prevailing price in an area requires some field work or atleast some phone work.
    529 days ago 

    (54 posts)
    On internet prices r always 10 to 25% higher
    528 days ago 

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