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Dear Zameen Forum Members/Visitors,

As you may be aware, the Zameen Forum regularly plays host to a variety of robust conversations, varied opinions, and passionate discussions centred on Pakistan’s real estate market – all of which are welcome.

Open and frank interaction has always figured as an uncompromising hallmark of this platform, and it will remain so.

However, we strongly believe that – going forward – we need to introduce a proper set of rules to check the quality of the discussions that are enacted here.

Please note that a violation of these rules (outlined below) can and will result in the removal of offending posts, as well as the imposition of a temporary or permanent ban on the posting profile found to be repeatedly involved in the practice.

1. No Spam

Spam, as it applies to the Zameen Forum, can be defined in any one of the following ways:

i. Unsolicited advertisements of goods, services, and/or other web sites
ii. Links to irrelevant external websites
iii. Posts with completely unrelated and/or irrelevant content
iv. Private messages to a large number of different users
v. Repeat replies and/or posts meant to flood the forum or harass other members
vi. Repeat postings of the same message, or the creation of multiple threads pertaining to the same question or issue

2. No Harassment

Any post, discussion, reply, or message will be considered an instance of harassment if it relates to any of the following concerns:

i. Degrades, insults, or abuses other forum members in any way. Respectful disagreements are natural and welcome; abuse is not
ii. Contains religious, political, racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs (‘hate speech’)
iii. Asks or tricks people into sharing their phone/Whatsapp numbers, email addresses, or other private information
iv. Contains content that the Zameen Admin may categorize as ‘harassment’ as per its own discretion; particularly when based on the legitimate complaint of another forum member

3. No NSFW or Illegal posts

This posts category may, among other things, include:

i. Copyright infringing material
ii. Defamatory material
iii. Relentless, conspiracist criticism of state and/or government institutions (that may be considered criminal under Pakistani law)
iv. Any material that can be categorized as Not Safe for Work (NSFW), obscene, racist, or discriminatory in any way
v. Zameen Admin reserves the right to categorize any post as unfit for publishing on these forums. In these special cases, such posts will be removed and/or not approved.

You will always find these rules featured on the front page of the Zameen Forum – unless this post is temporarily replaced by another important announcement. In the latter case, please feel free to contact us for being redirected to the appropriate page.

We may update these rules from time to time, in which case we will publish separate posts bearing the new additions, and update this page as well.

In case you wish to report any bugs or technical issues, you can do so here.
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