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After a hit event earlier this year where we closed more than 200 deals and gave away more than PKR 50 million in discounts, is bringing back the Property Open Day due to popular demand.

This event features the best property options in the market. These are projects that are thoroughly vetted by staff for your peace of mind. We are once again bringing you two full days of the best investment opportunities that no seasoned investor or genuine home buyer would want to miss out on. Come and talk to our expert team to start your investment journey!

That’s not all. Need to know a project inside out? With the help of’s virtual reality 3D walkthrough, we let you “see” your property before making a deal. Come and experience some of the projects without ever having to visit them onsite.

Entry is free! See you at Coral Hall, Park Lane Hotel, M. M. Alam Road, Lahore on December 9 and 10, 2017.

On offer are the following:

Goldcrest Mall & Residency - Lahore
Square One – Lahore
The Springs Apartment Homes– Lahore
Sheranwala Heights – Lahore
Broadway Heights – Lahore
Icon Valley - Lahore
Riverwalk Apartments - Islamabad
Country Club Apartments - Islamabad
Highland Resort - Islamabad
Canadian City - Gwadar

For more information visit:
Latest Reply by Zameen Admin | 3 days ago
6 Replies - 213 Views
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