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Dr Saleem
( 1 post )

[30 Replies]
Anyone know about the status of Agosh-II society project as I invested there in 2005 and no information about this project close to DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town. Please let me know if any one has information about this society.

Dr. Zia

    1316 days ago In News
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    (2 posts)
    I heard that the project was given to DHA, but now returned back. So the situation is not very clear.
      1296 days ago 

      Waseem muham..
      (5 posts)
      Since all file holders are sleeping and Aghosh administration has hush up huge amount so there is no activity regarding this scheme. Till the time file holders don't put pressure nothing will happen. No one highlights this issue just bad luck of all members.
        1238 days ago 

        (1 post)
        I am also a member is there any group of members interested to buy please contact:
          1193 days ago 

          Waseem muham..
          (5 posts)
          So far no purchase or selling of plots have started but i have visited the site .land has been handed over to aghosh authorities by bahria town and development of main road may start in a couple of months. money of remaining installment will also be obtained from members but it is likely that procedures may start in amonth or so but i advise all members to keep visiting site and office of aghosh to exert pressure . buying and selling will only start once aghiosh offices will start functioning and verifying the files
            1192 days ago 

            Irshad U Kha..
            (1 post)
            Dear all,
            It would be highly appreciable if anyone can reply the following
            1. Is this housing scheme is managed by cda.
            2. Who are the developers?
            3. The age of this project till now.
            4. Any disputed area of land within the project area.
              937 days ago 

              (3 posts)
              AOA, i have visited Agosh-I near Swan Garden and CBR Town. Property dealers were saying that soon this society will be overtaken by CBR and thats why prices are going high. Yesterday when i visited society office for plot transfer, the president said that the file is fake and said that there are about 42 plots in Agosh society whose files are missing. And president of society also mentioned that CBR not going to overtake AGOSH and these are fake news spread by property dealers for increasing prices. ALLAH has saved me as i hadnt yet made the payment.

              So lesson i have learned is that not to invest in private societies. Only invest in DHA or CDA
                806 days ago 

                (2522 posts)
                To me this is a flop/failed scheme, Qabza Group is active in Agosh 2, i purchased a commercial plot in 2008 in 16 Lac, and when i saw no development, no interest by the society, i though to sell this off, I searched for a buyer for like 1 year, and in the end an investor bought it from me in 10 Lacs, where i went for transfer, the society asked me to deposit 4 Lac development charges on the plot, i was shocked and had a dialouge, later i paid 3 Lac and got 7 in hand after 5 years.
                  795 days ago 

                  (2522 posts)
                  @ Sajjad Bhai, we should prioritize and tell this to people.
                  No fraud, no qabza mafia, no extra dues (hidden dues)

                  Nothing else than that.
                    793 days ago 

                    (1214 posts)
                    The last time I heard about Agochs-II when the society made an announcement in newspapers and asked its members to get their computerized letters issued. For further details please check out their website: Or contact them at (051) 210 3777.

                    Few years back there had been a confirmed news about DHA Islamabad taking over Agochs-ii and merging it with DHA-3. However, this deal did not materialize for reason unknown and Agochs-II went back to square one.


                    This scheme is listed on CDA website, has its layout plan approved, but NOC not yet obtained, check out:


                    My assessment: If you have a Agochs-II file, then just hang on to it. This a top location and with fast development in adjacent areas this will not remain dead for long. So your patience may bring fruit, you never know. But if you're planning to buy a file, then don't, as the risks are much higher.
                      786 days ago 

                      Waseem muham..
                      (5 posts)
                      All members just put some pressure on administration it will be ok in month i assure u. Please call them visit there office in g 9 ibme sina road
                        786 days ago 

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