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Kashif Malik (CEO)

About Al-Kousar Properties

We are an experienced group of real estate professionals who have diligently served our wide range of clients with diligence and utmost professionalism. We are renowned for providing smart property solutions which are ahead of our time and beneficial for our clients in the longer run. Our Costeffective and timesaving services ease the nagging fears related to investment in the property sector. The large catalog of both residential and commercial properties we offer enables our clients to feel in control of their real estate destiny. So its of little concern if there is a residential spot you eye in shape of a plot or a house or if you seek a commercial spot that can propel your business in the right direction because we are sure to have a deal tailored to mirror your needs and benefit.Our mode of working involves doing a thorough market analysis and then working out a suitable outcome for the client. Whether its a longstanding issue of selling your property for the right price or getting professional help in finding an ideal house which rests near all the basic facilities of life for an affordable price. We offer multiple ways on how to properly spend your investment so that it may yield longlasting benefits. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase, rent and commercial properties.

Kashif Malik


As the CEO of AL-KOUSAR PROPERTIES, I am delighted to say that we have always provided excellent and steadfast service to all our respected clients. Our real estate agency has created an environment where opinions are valued and we invite our clients to contribute to the success of our real estate agency and where they are appreciated for their valuable input. You will find that we are fully committed to sell on your behalf and provide sound results with the support of a trusted real estate agency.

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