Pakland Estate

Islamabad, Pakistan

Agency Staff

Rana Zubair Ahmed (CEO)

About Pakland Estate

Our company, the Pakland Estate is a distinguished real estate pioneer renowned for provision of first rate real estate services in Islamabad. Our mission is supplementing clients in their bid of turning the idea of an investment to a vivid reality. We always place great emphasis thinking big and providing exceptional value to the properties we market. Our experts ensure that the investment of clients remain secure and large profit is recouped when its time to sell an asset.One of the main reason behind our effective functioning and success is the importance and priority we give to client cause. In todays fast paced world, hardly any importance is given to ethical values in real estate, but when it comes to our company, establishing trust is the backbone of our work. Through reliability, professionalism, and accountability, our enthusiastic team sets about its mission of providing quality solutions for our esteemed clientele. Further details and assistance will be provided to you, just make a trip to our office or call us.

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