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Mustafa Bawany (CEO)

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Buying and selling real estate signifies a time of change. Whether making an investment for capital gains or for personal or business use, the process can be challenging for any consumer. For people who have never set foot in dealings, investments and buying or selling property and are unsure of what to expect in the market it can be a daunting task , sometimes even the more experienced people fail to make their investment count because they are unaware of the shifting landscape and modern requirements. rnThis is where our Estate Agency can make a difference and provide you the most beneficial and profitable deal. Trust, honesty and transparency are pillars of our dealings with the clients and are well versed in all kind of real estate needs. Please contact us with your real estate requirements and let us take care of everything else.

Mustafa Bawany


As the CEO of Bawany Realtor I am pleased to say that we are supported by vigorous expertise and experience of our staff. We are constantly striving to deliver considerable real estate investment opportunities to residential and corporate clients. Real estate management of Bawany Realtor has several years of comprehensive professional experience in real estate sector of Karachi. Viewpoint our real estate agency is client-focused, with a clear vision to provide them with valuable property services at all levels.

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