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Getting hold of trustworthy and truly professional real estate experts who can meet your property expectations can be a difficult task in the real estate sector of Karachi city. Thankfully, your search is about to end. Experts at Bhabha Edhi Real Estate are eager to meet your every demand with great enthusiasm and passion. We claim that at Bhabha Edhi Real Estate your property vision will get proper nourishment. By conducting thorough market and local economic analysis, we aim towards bringing you the best possible deal tightly based on your budget and expectations. It matters not if its a corner plot you seek, looking to sell your property on urgent basis or trying to come across a commercial location that best suits your business needs, all while keeping close to the basic and necessary facilities needed to function in life, we possess a large catalogue of properties for you to choose from. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase, and rent of both commercial and residential properties. Visit our office and know for sure what we are all about or contact us for more details.

Husnain Ali Bhabha


Welcoming and committed property professionals at Bhabha Edhi Associates are always thrilled to have a conversation about client's property investment in their area of interest. We always aim to provide topnotch client service including all the benefits of our expertise in the real estate sector with perceptive knowledge. We handle property transactions of our clients expertly and efficiently. We believe that the strengths lie in the steadiness and flexibility of our real estate agency combined with the experience of our resources to deliver innovative property solutions through an in-depth understanding of our client's precise requirements.

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