Khattak Real Estate

Karachi, Pakistan

Agency Staff

Sami Uddin Khattak (CEO)

About Khattak Real Estate

Investment in a property is always an important decision to make, which must be done after careful consideration. More often than not without professional help, it can result in a loss of premium. That is where we offer our services to you. Transparent, Time efficient and client friendly, the modern techniques we employ ensure that the client seeking our help always gets premium value for his property or acquire a residential or commercial spot that mirrors his needs and vision.We work by educating our clients about the current market situation and where the premium value for their investment lies. Our experts smartly work by keeping in consideration the nearby infrastructure developments and the local economy. Our mode of operation involves guiding our esteemed client's step by step through their property deal. The team keeps them informed of whats latest and hot in the property sector after the deal is complete. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase, rent and commercial properties.

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