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About Property Point Real Estate

There's a human component in the realm of property that is excessively barely noticeable.Property point is a wellknown estate agency from 1979 till date. We are a proved and certified real estate agency. Property Point Karachi is an entrenched land administration working in Karachi throughout the previous 14 years till date. We are prestigious for giving solid and dependable property administrations and arrangements dependent on most recent market information and our tremendous experience of property part. We viably use our assets to satisfy customer and property needs. We are endeavoring to give excellent administrations extraordinary properties with beneficial arrangements around there. Our property specialists altogether lead statistical surveying and accumulate most updates data to better outfit the exact necessities of our respected customers.

Umer Bakali

Word from the Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Umer Bakali Mr. Umer Bakali, A certified real estate member from the Panjwani Institute Of business studies and technology, which got issued on 20th June in year 2019. He is also a certified Repa Member. He has been working since 1979 till date. The name needs no introduction so far as the experience speaks. As land chief will commonly help site new areas, arrange rent or property deals exchanges, and guarantee that fundamental property upkeep frameworks and understandings are executed and maintained up to the mark. As The chief executive officer of the estate agency I thereby assure my clients safe and secure dealing, on time approaches and back to back feedback from the collaborated businesses and builders in touch. Home and secure shelter tends to be the need of everyone, Being the Chief executive officer of property point group of companies I feel the responsibility of assuring safety housing within the economical range to our clients with our utmost expertise in the field of estate agency and business of property and sales.

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