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About Ali Hajvery Associate And Builders

Ours is a fast growing property agency and consultancy operating within the confines of Lahore city. We have diligently served a vast number of clients. From the very beginning, our focus was to provide cost and time effective real estate solutions to their varying property needs. The services we provide range from the provision of good value residential properties both for both settlement and profit acquiring reasons or corporate hot spots where business activities can flourish. Our market savvy professionals will provide you with the ideal locations to invest your money in. The comprehensive property list boasts listings which are in close proximity to all the basic facilities required for efficient functioning of life e.g. schools, parks, mosque, and markets. All you need to do is entrust your property needs to us and let our client friendly and honest team take care of the rest. Our clientfriendly staff keeps you aware of the latest developments in your deal. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase, and rent of both commercial and residential properties.

Sajjad Shb


After years of honest work in real estate sector of Lahore, we at Ali Hajvery Associate & Builders can proudly proclaim that no matter what your property needs, our proven team can help you get over the line. We possess the required tools and effective ways of utilizing those tools for your benefit. We are more than capable of guiding you towards acquiring a dream property as we have done for thousands that have come before you.

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