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Lahore, Pakistan
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Chohan Estate DHA (CEO)
Mr.Aqib Hameed
Wajahat Butt
Atif Iqbal

About Chohan Estate

Since 1985 Chohan Real Estate has been catering to the needs of investors and home buyers of Pakistan. The company stands on resolute pillars of honesty and dependability. Featuring 28 years of Experience, Chohan Real Estate has developed a unique knack of understanding the property desires of their customer. It is a skill that leads the company to assist their clients in making educated investment decisions, thus landing them with huge profit returns in future.The company is known to set standards in the property market of Pakistan by featuring an unparalleled team of qualified real estate agents who work on cutting edge marketing tools and provide quality services to the property seekers of Pakistan. From rentals to property management, if you need a fully equipped team to handle all your real estate needs, visit Chohan Real Estate today

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