Even though it’s Pakistan 7th largest city and has immense historical, cultural, and economic importance, Multan was lagging in terms of having a housing project that offered a luxurious lifestyle to the people of this beautiful city. All that changed with the launch of DHA, Multan, in March 2017. DHA also appointed PROMAG Pvt Ltd as the official affiliate of the entire project.

Spread across 9,000 acres of land, DHA, Multan, is a much-needed, contemporary addition to the housing societies in the City of Saints. This housing scheme is aimed at providing the same, high standard of living enjoyed by the residents of any project by these builders including DHA Lahore, DHA Islamabad, and DHA Karachi. The project will provide a property portfolio that will comfortably fit in the budget of low, moderate and high-income buyers. The community has been planned innovatively, with special attention given to safety concerns. The hallmark of DHA, Multan, is highly advanced development, security, and easy access to world-class facilities.

Given the increase in population and the investment by the government of Pakistan in infrastructure development, Multan has expanded in nearly all directions. Therefore, Defence Housing Authority chose a location that had decent commute options already in place, easy connectivity to major routes, and convenient access to other amenities.

DHA Housing Scheme Multan is located on Multan Public School Road and is adjacent to Bahauddin Zakariya University. The project is nestled between Bosan Road and Matital Road. Furthermore, there are quite a few completely developed societies near this project. Even though the societies don’t boast the same stellar reputation and trust as DHA, their plot prices are very high. So, investing in DHA, Multan, not only becomes the default option but a safer and more lucrative one too.

Planning and Development

DHA, Multan, offers 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal plots for sale. The plots are ideal for building your dream home. The project will offer pre-constructed and beautifully designed villas of 6, 9 and 12 marla in its Golf Community. The commercial block has a number of 4 and 8 marla plots available for sale. The commercial plots in DHA Multan are ideal for different businesses, retail services, and financial institutions among others.


  • Top-class infrastructure and lavish living experience
  • Underground cables for electricity, telephone, and internet
  • An 18-hole Golf Club
  • Dedicated power grid
  • Gated Community, 24/7 and up-to-date security systems
  • Leisure and recreation facilities
  • Neighbours developed housing schemes
  • Carpeted, wide, and signal-free roads



Public Transport near DHA Multan

Residents of DHA, Multan, have easy access to various commute options. Public transport is always available because of the central location of the project. The Feeder Route bus FR 39 passes by DHA in Multan and stops at the DHA bus station, which is just 12 minutes' drive away. Besides, other nearby bus stations include ISP at 3 km, Buch Villas at 4.4 km, Hamid Nagar at 5 km, and Bahauddin Zakariya University Metro Bus Station at 6.4 km.

Markets near DHA Multan

Living in DHA is like living in a city, and what’s a city without markets to cater to the daily shopping needs of its residents? The same goes for Multan's DHA. There are several markets and individual shops selling everything from construction material to grocery products. The stores and markets located close to DHA, Multan, are Noria Fakhria Building Material Store in Basti Nihal, Green Huts Market and Khataran Market on Labour Road, Kabeer Super Market, and Tariq Mobile Shop to name a few.

Mosques in and near DHA Multan

DHA, Multan, will have a Jamia Mosque in the society. The mosque will boast beautiful architecture and traditional patterns.

As for neighbouring mosques, Jamia Masjid Kotla Sadat in Kotla Sadat can be reached at a drive of 8 minutes. Jamia Masjid Hameedia on Bason Road and Masjid Al Noor in Buch Villas can be reached in 13 to 16 minutes from the society.

Schools, Colleges And Universities in and near DHA Multan

Every DHA project has areas primarily dedicated to academic purposes, and the same vision can be seen applied in DHA, Multan, as well. The community will house schools, colleges, universities, and institutions for higher education. The academic institutions will offer several specialised programs for engineering, medical, agriculture, and social sciences. Also, Government Girls Primary School is located near DHA, Multan.

Other academic options nearby are:

  • Southern School of Engineering and Technology (SSET) in Khayaban-e-Yousuf at a distance of 3.8 km from DHA Multan
  • Beaconhouse School System on Bason Road at 7.4 km
  • Multan College of Arts at 7 km
  • SAKIMS College for Boys on Bason Road at 8 km
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University on Bason Raod at 8 km
  • Ali University on Bason Raod at 4 km
  • Institute of Banking and Finance on Bason Road at 7 km

Banks in and near DHA Multan

Given the sheer magnitude and the mass appeal of DHA, Multan, the dedicated commercial areas in the society will become home to quite a few banks. At present, major banks operating near DHA, Multan, are Habib Bank Limited in Buch Villas and Bahauddin Zakariya University, MCB in Bahadurpur, United Bank Limited in Education Avenue, and JS Bank in Model Town.

Electricity Backup

DHA, Multan, will set up its grid stations and power backup systems to ensure that residents don’t face any inconvenience during power outages.

Clinics and Hospitals near DHA Multan

This society will become home to a Medical City featuring a Teaching College with 600 beds, Medical and Dental College, Nursing College, Cardiology Hospital, Gyne (Mother and Child) Hospital, Dental Hospital, Cancer Hospital, Liver and Kidney Hospital, Eye Hospital, and Neurology and Surgery Hospital.

Other hospitals and medical facilities located at near DHA, Multan, include Gulgasht Hospital, City Hospital, Bakhtawar Amin Hospital, Spring Clinic, and Seyal Medical Centre among others.


Sales Price Trends in DHA Multan

Houses for Sale in DHA Multan

DHA, Multan, is not only an ideal opportunity for buyers looking for a residence that offers it all but also holds immense potential for investors looking for a safe investment. The sales price trend discussed below will help investors and buyers make an informed decision about whether investing in DHA, Multan, will be a rewarding decision on both short and long terms.

Houses in DHA Multan are categorized as villas of standard sizes. The Golf Community in DHA, Multan, offers 6, 9 and 12 marla villas for sale. The location of these villas is peaceful and provides a scenic view to its residents. Also, the 12 marla villas have been divided into two categories based on the total covered area. The first category will have 4 bedrooms and the second will offer 5 bedrooms. All the villas will have attached bathrooms, modern interior and exterior, lawn, car parking space, dining and drawing, living area and tile flooring.

As of January 2019, the prices of 6 marla villas in DHA, Multan, were between PKR 1 crore to PKR 1.1 crore. The selling price of 9 marla villas was between PKR 1.5 crore to PKR 1.6 crore. The pre-constructed 12 marla villas had a price tag of PKR 1.9 crore to PKR 2.1 crore. To make matters more comfortable, a buyer can pay a down payment of 20% and pay the rest of the amount in monthly instalments.

Plots for Sale in DHA Multan

Various plots in DHA, Multan, are available for sale including 5 and 10 marla, and 1 and 2 kanal. The price of plots depend on the size and location of the plot, but low to middle-income families can easily afford a 5 marla plot and build the home of their dreams. A 10 marla plot in DHA, Multan, is ideal for constructing a house sporting a garden and car parking. The 1 and 2 kanal plots are an excellent option for people looking to build a luxurious home with spacious rooms, servant quarters, parking spaces for more than 1 car, and a huge garden.

The prices of residential plots are different as per their sizes. The starting price of 5 marla plots in DHA Multan was PKR 4.75 lakh and the highest priced, as of January 2019, was PKR 30 lakh. The cost of residential plots in DHA, Multan, is expected to increase once the balloting is complete. The price range for 1 kanal plots is PKR 6.8 lakh to PKR 47 lakh.

Commercial Properties

The commercial plots, in this area offer a rewarding opportunity for investment and business. The 4 and 8 marla commercial plots are ideal for grocery stores, clothing stores, stationery shops, small cafes, and retail outlets to name a few. The location is also suitable for shops, financial institutions, and offices.



Malls in and near DHA Multan

DHA, Multan, will have shopping malls within the community to not only facilitate its residents but residents of the neighbouring projects as well. The Mega Mall in DHA, Multan, will house several outlets of local and international brands. Also, the Mall of Multan is located at a drive of 20 minutes from DHA, Multan.

Restaurants And Bakeries near DHA Multan

The commercial areas in DHA, Multan, are ideal for restaurants and bakeries and going by the success of the commercial areas in other DHA-managed projects, we can confidently assume that some big names will start operating here in the future. Moreover, DHA, Multan, is surrounded by quite a few dining options including Happy Meals and Man-o-Salwa on Bason Road, Perfect Pizza and Fried Chicken in Al Madev Commercial Centre, Subway at Northern Bypass, and McDonald’s at the Mall of Multan among others.

Some nearby options for bakery products and baked delicacies include Yumz Bakers at the Northern Bypass, Bakeology in Sabzazar Boulevard, Souk Sweets & Bakers in Education Avenue, and Nirala Sweets in Gulgasht Avenue to name a few.


Theme Park  in DHA Multan

DHA, Multan, has reserved a huge mass of land for a theme park featuring many different themes.

Some other parks located close to DHA, Multan, include Royal Orchard Park, Ahmad Asad Park, MOCHS Park, The Madni Park, Royal Theme Park, and Jinnah Park among others.

Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in DHA Multan

The commercial areas in this society might become home to gyms and fitness centres in the future. In the meantime, residents can visit a number of gym and fitness centres located near DHA, Multan, such as Arena Fitness Club, Mehmood Gym, Endurance Fitness Centre and Gym, and Evolve Health and Fitness Centre.

DHA, Multan, will have a sports stadium in the society that will not only enhance the value of the property but will promote sports activities in the city as well. The stadium will be designed according to international standard.

Nursery in DHA Multan

Two and a half acre of land has been reserved for a nursery in DHA Multan. The nursery will have different types of indoor and outdoor plants.

Golf Course in DHA Multan

DHA Housing Scheme in Multan will have an international standard 18-hole golf course, well-equipped with all the necessary facilities.

Salons and Spas near DHA Multan

Cosmo Beauty Salon and Belleza Parlor are located at a drive of 18 minutes from DHA, Multan, in Bahadurpur. Also, several other salons and spas can be found in the connecting areas of Bahadurpur.


Multan Ostrich, Park Zoo, and Allama Iqbal Park can be reached easily by driving approximately 30 to 35 minutes from DHA, Multan. Other easily accessible parks are Fatima Park in Gulshan-e-Sakhi Sultan Colony, at a distance of 30 minutes, Royal Orchard Park and Royal Theme Park in Musa Wala, at a drive of approximately 32 minutes, Ahmad Asad Park takes 37 minutes to reach via Northern Bypass, and MOCHS Park in MDA Officers Cooperative Housing Society is at a distance of 29 minutes. Also, there is a Mango Garden at 18 minutes’ drive.

Other than parks, gaming enthusiasts can visit Survival Gaming Zone on Bason Road. People interested in snooker can enjoy a game or two at Snooker Castle on Fatima Omer Street and Awan Snooker Club on Nawabpur Road. Movie fans can visit Universal Cinemas in Noor Boulevard, Buch Villas, which can be reached within 15 minutes from DHA, Multan.


DHA Multan is a chapter of DHA Lahore, and the same management will also oversee it. The facilities and infrastructure offered will match the highest standard of living that DHA residents enjoy in other major cities. Also, the project's location is ideal and commuting to other areas of the city is not an issue. According to real estate experts, DHA Multan yields around 7% to 8% returns on investment annually, which is pretty high and the prices of properties here are increasing consistently.

In terms of investment, properties in DHA Multan have significant potential. However, there are no amenities located at walkable distances from the project, and you will have to cover long distances for the grocery to other everyday necessities. The societies in the neighbourhood are also in the development phase.

Are you looking to buy property in DHA Multan?


Importance of DHA Multan from major locations nearby

  • DHA Multan is located on Multan Public School Road
  • DHA Multan is close to several educational institutions
  • The society neighbours top housing projects including BZU Employees Colony, Pace City, PIA Employees Housing, Buch Villas, and Officers Town.
  • It is easily accessible via Northern Bypass
  • Localities near DHA, Multan, include Kotla Sadaat and Mauza Sangi
  • The renowned Bahauddin Zakariya University is adjacent to DHA, Multan

Commute time to these locations

  • DHA Multan is just 8 minutes’ drive away from Kotla Saadat
  • Sangi can be reached in 15 minutes from DHA, Multan

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