Hayatabad is located on the northern edges of Peshawar, the capital of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is considered a modern suburban area. Hayatabad, Peshawar is closest to the border of Torkham and it is the main crossing point between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peshawar Development Authority or PDA is responsible for the maintenance and developmental planning of the town of Hayatabad Peshawar.

Initially, Hayatabad emerged as the residential area of Peshawar City in the late 1970s and it was primarily known for residential purposes only. With the passage of time, it was gradually utilized by various manufacturers and industries including, Hayatabad Industrial Estate, Top Star Industries Pvt. Ltd., Premier Formica Industries 90c Industrial Estate, and Marks Pakistan—Razmak Industries Peshawar to name a few.

There are seven phases in Hayatabad, Peshawar. Each phase is further divided into sectors. These phases range from phase 1 to phase 7 and it is conveniently accessible via three different routes from Jamrud Road. It is the last town from the Eastern side of Peshawar. It is also the first town from the Western side of Peshawar.

Most of the commercial activities of the city have been shifted to the Ring Road, making life easier for the residents.

There is another route from the Ring Road that connects it to Canal Town. The same route connects it to the Al-Haram Model Town and Kabul River that is 700 kilometre long. The Kabul River is also known as the classical Cophes.

PSQA or Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority that sets up the standards on quality and dimension and assess and grades the raw material for industries of the whole country is just at a distance of 6 minutes-drive from Hayatabad, Peshawar.


  • Ideal for entrepreneurs or emerging and potential business people
  • Nearest to the Kabul River
  • Away from the crowded city
  • Connected to Torkham Border
  • Neighbouring to Afghanistan  




BRT, an organized structure to establish the province’s first ever integrated Bus Rapid Transit corridor is assisting to pave way for public transportation in the province. There are said to be about 31 stations under the 26-kilometer BRT corridor which will run from Chamkani to Hayatabad.

It will connect all the parts of Peshawar to this area and benefit 500,000 people. It has started its operations in some parts of the city. While BRT progresses, some other transportation options include “A1 Mazda bus service”; connecting Kambwa Ada, Gul Bahar, Firdous, Khyber Bazar, Shuba Bazar, Nothia, Saddar, Cantt, Tkhkal, University Road, Khyber Hospital, BISE Board to Hayatabad Phase-6.

“A2 bus service” is available to connect Kambwa Ada, Gul Bahar, Firdous, Khyber Bazar, Shuba Bazar, Nothia, Saddar, Cantt, Tkhkal, University Road, Khyber Hospital, and BISE Board to Hayatabad Phase-7.

Residents of Hayatabad can also avail “A6 bus service” to reach Ring Road, Charsadda Road, Shami Road, Khyber Road, Jamrud Road, Tkhkal, University Road, Khyber Hospital, and BISE Board.

Other buses like A3, Ford Wagon, and HIACE service can be found from nearby areas in the proximity of 20-minutes to 34-minutes’ drive from Hayatabad. The residents can either take a connecting bus from below mentioned bus stops or carpool with any other resident to reach the desired destination.

There are about four bus stops in the area of Hayatabad, Peshawar including:

  • First bus stop in Phase 1, with the name of general Transport Service. It is at the distance of 1-minute drive from Shamali Market in Sector D-5/ Lalazar Avenue.
  • Second bus stop in Phase 3, at the distance of 2-minute drive from Madina Ladies Park on Phase-3 road.
  • Third bus stop in Phase 6, at a distance of 1-minute drive from Ibrahim Market on street 9.
  • Fourth bus stop is also in Phase 7, at a distance of 2-minute drive from ICMS School on street 4.  

Some other popular options include Qingqi and Auto-rickshaws while residents also rely on cab-on-call (Careem, Bikeya, and Uber).


The residents of Hayatabad Peshawar can use Peshawar Railway Station for travelling out of the city which is at the distance of 26-minute drive from Hayatabad via Grand Trunk Road.  Peshawar Railway Station is also known as Peshawar Cantonment Railway Station.

Currently, it has four Railway lines operating which includes;

  • Khyber Mail Express is operating from Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt
  • Awam Express connects Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt
  • Jaffar Express is operating from Peshawar Cantt to Quetta
  • Khushal Khattak Khan Express links Peshawar Cantt to Karachi City

The fares start from PKR 500 to PKR 6000 depending on the services and the destination. Residents can also opt for Peshawar City Railway Station, which is at the distance of 36-minute drive via Peshawar Ring Road.


Peshawar International Airport/Bacha Khan International Airport is placed at the distance of 19-minute drive from Hayatabad via Peshawar Ring Road but if the residents are taking Grand Trunk Road so it is going to take a 25-minute drive to reach to the airport.  The official website of the airport also provides information for “Rent-A-Car” services. These services can be used to commute to and from the airport.

The airlines operating from the airport include Pak International Airline, AirBlue, Shaheen Air, along with international airlines like Emirates, Gulf Air. Some other airlines operating in Peshawar are:

  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudia Arabia Airlines
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Air Indus and Air Arabia.

Trends for fare and destination can be checked from the official websites of respective Airlines.

The airport also has a small canteen near the main entrance of the airport and an Airport Restaurant on Mezzanine Floor. Travellers can also use the bank and ATM services such as NBP, Bank of Khyber and HBL, on the premises of the airport. Other services in the premises of the airport include Currency Exchange services from PBS exchange at the international arrival lounge, and Money link Exchange in the concourse hall.


Bilal Market in Phase 1, Street 1, stays awake till 1 AM and serves for different purposes. It is one of the oldest markets and if you have to perform any financial transactions, this market is full of banks. Post office, Stationery, Public Library, and BHU are also there to serve your needs.

Small local cafés in Bilal Market serve traditional appetizers like chana-chaat and samosas, most favourite Afghani burgers and Kabuli Burgers. Bilal Market is also a heaven for fast food lovers.

Hardware shops, men's gym, ATMs, banks, hair-salon, milk-marts, and traditional tandoor are also available in Bilal Market.


There are a great number of mosques in Hayatabad, in almost every street. Explicitly,

  • Bilal Masjid is in Phase 1
  • Jamia Masjid Az-Zaruni is in phase 2, can occupy about 7000 people. Residents admire the mosque for its architecture.  
  • Masjid-e-Rehman is in Phase 3.
  • K-3 mosque in Phase 3 is a three-storeyed mosque with facilities of heater and air conditioner. Residents admire this mosque for maintenance and cleanliness.

The Christian community of Hayatabad can visit Seventh Day Adventist Church in Phase-2 Rd, Phase-2, Hayatabad Peshawar, near Ghani Bagh. Other nearby churches include The Salvation Army Church and NACP Church in Academy Town just on a drive of 17 minutes and 16 minutes from Hayatabad, respectively.


Some popular schools in Hayatabad Peshawar are:

  • Two Campuses of The Beacon Schools System are functioning in phase 2, Sector H-3 and Street 1, on the drive of 5 minute from CECOS University.  The second campus is in phase 6, on phase-6 road at the distance of 1 minute-drive from CECOS University. These two campuses can also be reached at the minimum distance of 1 km and maximum distance of 5 km from other phases of Hayatabad, easily.
  • A project of Roots Millennium School in phase 1, sector D-1, is at the distance of 1-minute drive from Khyber Park and 7-minute drive from Hayatabad post office. While residents of other phases of Hayatabad can reach to this campus within the proximity of 1.5 km to 5 km.
  • Working Folks Grammar School is in phase 5, for the workers of industrial estate of Hayatabad, providing quality education without any cost with other school equipment, material, and uniform. Residents can locate the campus at the distance of 4-minute drive from FAST University, Peshawar Campus.

Within the proximity of 1 km to 5 km, from each phase to the other, residents can opt for some other prominent schools like Allied School System in Phase 1, Lahore Grammar School in Phase 2, The City School in Phase 3, Hayatabad Model School in Phase 4, Pak Turk International School in Phase 5, St. Francis School in Phase 6 and Abaseen Model School in Phase 7.


Hayatabad is a home for many desired colleges in the city, including prominent medical colleges like:

  • Rehman College of Dentistry and Rehman Medical College in Phase 5 of Hayatabad.
  • Pak International Medical College in Phase 5
  • Khyber Girls Medical College in Phase 5

These medical colleges are easily accessible for the residents of the other phases within the distance of 1 km to 5 km.


Province’s top university like NU-FAST is also in Hayatabad. The university has all the modern facilities. Like every present educational institution, including internet facility with a separate web portal specifically for the students to keep them updated with their class attendance and all the academic matters including their results and performance.

The classrooms on the campus are fully air-conditioned and all the classrooms have multimedia installed in them. There are separate lecture theatres, a library, and a hall, separate Computer/ Engineering laboratories equipped with the latest technologies are also available.

There are several sections in the Engineering Lab including Antenna Lab, Digital/Microprocessor Lab, Communication Lab, Electrical/Electronic Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab, FYP Lab, a separate Workshop in the lab, and the CALL lab.

There are about 14,000 collections of books in the library. The library has also subscribed to 54 journals including a number of magazines and famous and authentic newspapers. The library also has computers with internet facilities for the students to conduct online searches related to their coursework and study related material.

The campus has established the first digital library in the province and it said to be its distinctive achievement.

Other well-known universities, within the area, are:

  • Iqra National University is in Phase 1 on phase 2 road. The university offers a number of programs for Graduates and Undergraduates. The list of the programs includes Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, Art and Design and Electrical Engineering.
  • Institute of Management and Sciences is in Phase 7. The University offers Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Social Science, and Humanities.


There are many banks in Hayatabad including Bank of Khyber Hayatabad, in Phase 5. Meezan Bank is operating in Bilal Market, Phase 1 and Allied Bank in Phase 7 is also there to serve the needs of the residents.


There is one grid station in phase 5 of Hayatabad with the name of 132 kv grid station Jamrud PESCO. This grid station operates for 24-hours throughout the week. It also supplies electricity to the whole town of Hayatabad. Residents opt for UPS and generators in the case of a power shutdown or any other emergency. While alternatives also include the installation of solar panels.


Residents have easy access to the hospitals and clinics in Hayatabad including:

  • Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre on post office road in phase 5 of Hayatabad will take care of all your emergencies and concerns including, surgical services, medical services, and diagnostic services. Oncology, nutrition, pharmacy services, executive health program, physiotherapy, clinical laboratory and infection control sops are also available at the hospital. The Hospital offers 24 hours emergency services.
  • Fouzia Javed Clinic is in sector F-9 Phase 6. Specialists for urology, eye-surgery, plastic surgery, paediatrics, dental services, ultrasound and maternity services are available here.
  • Shahnaz Clinic on phase-6 road in phase 6, is suitable for maternity services.

Many young and innocent lives are being saved at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, because it reportedly treats almost 75% of its patients for free.

The Hospital is built on the structure of eight levels. The structure is divided into two basements. Also a ground floor, and five upper floors. It is said that the area of the hospital in Peshawar Hayatabad is comparatively larger than the Hospital in Lahore which was created in 1994.

Since it is also a medical research centre so most of the symposiums/conferences related to medicines and health are also sponsored by the hospital. An update of the upcoming symposium can be found on the hospital’s website. Apparently,  healthcare professionals and researchers can benefit from different education and training programs in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre.

Although the hospital was initially built to help cancer patients now it also caters other non-cancer services including pathology, clinical radiology, nuclear medicine, Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, and Hepatology.


For the eye treatments, a number of eye clinics are present in Hayatabad which claim to treat various eye problems. These clinics are:

  • Nawaz Eye Clinic on Jamrud road, near phase 3. The clinic operates at 3:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and at 4:00 PM on Wednesday and Friday  
  • Khattak Eye Clinic in phase 4 opposite HMC.
  • Peshawar Eye Centre, near Rehman Medical Institute in phase 5 Hayatabad.

DMPC Dr. Masoom Pets Clinic in Tatara Trade Center Shumali Market Sector D-5 Phase 1, Hayatabad, serves from Monday to Sunday for all the worried and concerned pet-owners. DMPC in Hayatabad also hosts different pet shows and calls upon all the proud pet-owners to flaunt their taming and nourishing skills.    



Sale price trends in Hayatabad Peshawar can vary due to location and easy accessibility to the amenities. Here's an insight into the framework.


Houses of 5 marla are available for sale in the price range of 60 lakh to 2.5 crore. You can also buy houses of 10 marla in the price ranging from 1 crore to 4 crores. While houses of 1 kanal are also available, these houses can also be found in the price range of 1.5 crores to 6.5 crores.


While flats in Hayatabad Peshawar with an area ranging from 5 marlas to 7 marlas are available in the price range between 73 lakh to 1.35 crore. These apartments can be found in phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4.

3 bedroom apartments can also be in this area, found in the price range of 1.25 crore to 1.35 crore with facilities such as Parking spaces, Lobby in building, furnished flooring, waste disposal, and passenger elevators and separate elevators for services.


A variety of plots are up for sale in Hayatabad. You can find 1 Kanal plots available for sale within the price range of 88 lakh to 6 crores. Other options for plots in Hayatabad include 5 Marla plots in the price range of 68 lakh to 1.2 crore.  You can also opt for plots of 10 Marlas with the price ranging from 1.5 crores to 3.5  crores.  Residential Plots can also be found in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 6, and Phase 7 in the price range of 2.4 crore to 2.65 crores.



There are several options for people who are looking for houses for rent. 1 kanal houses are available for rent and it can be found anywhere in the price range of 40 thousand to 2 lakh. Houses of 5 marla for rent can be found in the price range of 22 thousand to 55 thousand. While 10 marla houses are available to rent in the price range of 40 thousand to 1 lakh.

These houses can consist of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms, and 7 bedrooms.  These houses for rent are available in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 6 and Phase 7.


Commercial Plots in Hayatabad Peshawar are available for sale in the price range starting from 1.9 crores to 12.5 crores. Hayatabad is the main industrial area of the city, and all the important markets of the city are not very far from here. Popular malls like Wadud Sons Departmental Store, PDA plaza and Al-Haaj Plaza are also in Hayatabad. 

Agricultural Land of 40 Kanal can be found in the price range of 12 crores on Takhtbhai Road. The plot can be used for both agricultural and commercial purposes.


Hayatabad Phase for Buying Properties
Zameen Statistics of Most Popular Phases to Buy property in Hayatabad Peshawar

Zameen buying trends show that Phase 6 is at the top, among the most popular phases to buy property in Hayatabad, Peshawar. Phase 6 is also popular when it comes to rental property trends in Hayatabad, Peshawar.

  • Phase 6 has two main bus stops of the town
  • Popular schools of the town are also in Phase 6 including The Beaconhouse School
  • Famous Food Street of Hayatabad is also in Phase 6
  • Trends for Rental Properties in Hayatabad
    Zameen Statistics for Most Popular Phases to Rent property in Hayatabad Peshawar




The historical Kharkhano Market in Peshawar is just 8 minutes’ drive away from Hayatabad.

Karkhano market in Peshawar is a well-known trading centre. Karkhano in Pushto means Industry. Apparently, you can get all imported and branded cosmetics at lower prices in this market.

It is definitely a place to spend some time and get some basic shopping done. You can buy everything here including electronic gadgets, medicines, grocery items including a variety of tea, and cigarettes from top brands, and auto parts. You can also get both new and pre-loved clothing in this legendary market.

Popular Malls in Hayatabad Peshawar include,

  • Wadud Sons Departmental Stores is on Ring Road
  • PDA Plaza in Phase 5 of Hayatabad is a Governmental Shopping Mall.
  • Al-Haaj Plaza is on Jamrud Road


People all over the city visit Hayatabad for its famous eateries and treats for the food lovers. The Food Street in Hayatabad phase 6, is presumably an interesting venture by Peshawar Development Authority. It offers Fast Food, Continental Food, and all types of Local Foods. Although the place is yet to find a way to make it wheelchair friendly to climb three stairs to enter the vicinity but otherwise the place is perfect. The food street in Phase 6 has an open space for car-parking and sight viewing.

Other restaurants in Hayatabad include Mr. Cod Hayatabad, with very attractive options for fast food lovers and the restaurant also offers a kids’ friendly menu.

MR COD, established in 1979 is one of the leading fast food takeaway and restaurant chains specializing in fish and chicken. First UK outlet near London, the company has since expanded by franchising the business both in the UK and abroad, and one of its franchise is serving in Hayatabad Phase 6, 2 km away from Ghani Bagh in phase 6. The restaurant has typical American fast food systems, with specialized American cooking equipment.

Alternatives are Downtown Bistro and Two Guys Two Fries just at the distance of 5 minutes-drive from MR. COD.

Some other popular fast-food restaurants in the proximity of 2 to 5 km include:

  • Chick N Fire, popular for food items like hot wings, pizza, burger, and shawarma.
  • Zooperz, for fast-food items
  • Pizza King for a variety of pizza



Tatara Park in Phase 1, is one of the oldest parks in the town, Located in Phase I of Hayatabad, this park has evolved a lot from being just a simple garden lawn with man-made lakes to a theme park with adventure rides and boating.

Bagh-e-Naran is in Phase 1, with a mini zoo. Adults can take a stroll in the lush gardens while children can enjoy the views of wild-life in mini-zoo. The park has a separate parking lot for the people who are visiting the place.

Other attractions for evening and family outings include Ghani Bagh and Shalman Park in Phase 2, Ladies Park in Phase 3, F8 Park and F-10 Park in Phase 6 and residents also opt for Fatima Jinnah Family Park in Phase 7.

Residents also take advantage of the Tributary of Kabul River on a 5 minutes’ drive away from the vicinity of Hayatabad. The Stream is mostly used by water-sports-enthusiasts for boating.


Hayatabad has a full range of beauty salons to meet the styling and beauty needs of its residents. Some well-known salons include:

  • For makeup and hairstyling, Glam Studio by Fariyal in Phase 2 is popular among the residents.
  • Aroobs Beauty Clinic and Spa with the facilities of the gym is in phase 2.
  • Moonway beauty Salon is in Women Welfare Complex near Khyber Park, phase-5. It is most liked for a makeover and party make-up. The salon offers a range of make-up looks, including day makeup, evening makeup, party makeup, model makeup, and bridal makeup.  

Alternatives including Depilex, Glambar Beauty Clinic, Blush and Cazibe are available just within a 5-minute drive from the area.


  • The University of Peshawar at a distance of 16-minute drive from the town
  • University Town - 25-minute drive from the town
  • Agricultural University Research Farm - 26-minute drive
  • Peshawar International Airport which is 24 minutes drive away.


Hayatabad is a posh locality with modern facilities. There are two police stations in the neighbourhood and the area is managed by Peshawar Developmental Authority so the security of the residents is ensured.


Importance of Hayatabad Peshawar from major locations nearby

  • Hayatabad is closest to Cantt Railway Station of Peshawar
  • Bacha Khan International Airport is just on the distance of 19-minute drive from Hayatabad
  • It is the connecting point between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • A stream of Kabul River also passes by Hayatabad, Peshawar

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