About Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur  

Jhangi Wala Road is an important commuter route for people living in visiting Bahawalpur. The road connects with Eastern Bypass Bahawalpur, which makes it a significant trade route of the city. Moreover, Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur is already home to some commercial markets and is being explored more by some of the leading players in the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Living on this road is going to be ideal for people who travel in and out of the city regularly, owing to its connectivity with the bypass. Other important roads in the surrounding include Jail Road, Multan Road, University Road, River Road, Darbar Road, and Judge Wali Road.

At a Glance

  • Well-connected
  • Near the bypass
  • Commercial area
  • Development of important residential schemes is underway
  • Home to various educational institutions
  • Houses important medical complexes of Bahawalpur



Public Transport near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Close proximity to public transportation is something that makes a property desirable, especially for people who don’t have or don’t like to use personal conveyance owing to fuel expenses. Even though the properties on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur are in their initial stage of development, you can expect bus stations to be established nearby once the project is completely developed.

In the meantime, prospective residents can benefit from public transport near Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur by visiting Kali Puli Bus Stop on Darbar Road, One Unit Chowk Bus Stop on University Road, and General Bus Stand on River Road. The stops are almost 6 to 7 km from Jhangi Wala Road, at an estimated drive of 14 minutes.

Since the stops are not located at walkable distances, residents can carpool from the project to the nearest bus stand or use ride-hailing services, taxis, local rickshaws or hire minivans to go back and forth to the city.

Markets on and near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Another factor that is important for people in search of properties is a property’s proximity to commercial markets. Luckily, a good number of markets can be found on and near Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur

Javed Karyana General Store and Ch. Imran Super Store are situated on Jhangi Wala Road. Some other grocery stores operational near the road are Mian Super Mart in Sajid Awan Town, Al Majeed Paradise, Al-Askari Grocery Store in Muslim Town, Allah Wala Super Store in Satellite Town, 99 Super Market in Old City Bahawalpur and Qureshi General Store in Model Town. The markets are located about 4 to 7 km away from Jhangi Wala Road, at an estimated drive of 15 minutes.

Mosques near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Although not demanded explicitly, but a nice-to-have feature that most property owners prefer is living near a mosque. As such, a number of mosques can be found near Jhangi Wala Road. Some of them are Al Noor Mosque in Riaz Colony, Rehmania Masjid on Rafi Qamar Road, Ghousia Masjid in Tibba Badar Sher Bahawalpur, Masjid Judge Akbar in Old City Bahawalpur, and Jamia Masjid Shuhada Al-Qamar in Satellite Town Bahawalpur.

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach these mosques by road.

Schools, Colleges And Universities near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Some of the most recognised academic institutions serving Bahawalpur can be found near Jhangi Wala Road. Prominent public schools located in adjoining areas include The Central Public School BWP in Satellite Town, Shahbaz Model Public School in Arif Town, Ahmad Public School in Muslim Town, Al-Noor Public School in Dubai Town, and Al-Rauf Public School in Tibba Badar Sher Bahawalpur.

The schools mentioned above offer education starting from primary level up to matriculation. You can easily reach these places by road from Jhangi Wala in almost 10 to 15 minutes.

Private schools in the vicinity include Bloomfield Hall Junior School and The Knowledge School, Bahawalpur Campus in Satellite Town, Sadiq Dane High School on Farid Gate Road, and Dare-Arqam School in Model Town, Bahawalpur.  

The private schools offer primary to the secondary level of education, while Dare-Aqrma School also puts a special emphasis on Islamic studies. It takes nearly 10 minutes to reach these schools by road.

When it comes to professional or higher studies, Jhangi Wala Road, luckily, neighbours quite a few college and universities. These include Moon School and College in Darbar Mahal Town, Allama Iqbal College in Gulshan-E-Farid Colony, Brooks Law College Bahawalpur in Satellite Town, and Govt. Post Graduate College on Farid Gate Road.  

Moon School and College offer degree programmes in commerce, Allama Iqbal College offers F.Sc, ICS, I.com and F.A programs, while Brooks Law College offers F.Sc, I.Cs, I.com, Bcom, and BA programs, and Govt. Post Graduate College on Farid Gate Road offers masters, MPhil and PhD programmes.

Women in search of an all-girls college can get admissions in Government Sadiq College Women University in Anwar Colony and Apwa College For Women, Bahawalpur in Satellite Town. The universities provide courses in science, business management, arts, education, and Islamic studies.

Moreover, some universities located nearby include Superior University Bahawalpur and NCBA & E BUC CAMPUS in Model Town. The former offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes in Business and management sciences, medical sciences, pharmacy, engineering and information technology, economics and commerce, computer science and information technology, law, humanities and arts. The latter offers courses for undergraduate, graduate and postgrad programmes in computer sciences, social sciences, and business administration.

The discussed schools and colleges are situated a little over 5 to 9 km from Jhangi Wala Road at an estimated drive time of 10 to 20 minutes.

Banks near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Popular banks near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur include United Bank Limited and Muslim Commercial Bank in Satellite Town, Meezan Bank on University Chowk Road, Bank of Khyber and First Women Bank Limited in Old City Bahawalpur and The Bank of Punjab in Bahawalpur Cantt. All the banks offer ATM services and it takes nearly 12 to 14 minutes to reach them by road.  

Electricity Backup

Multan Electric Power Company, popularly known as MEPCO, provides electricity in all the residential and commercial units on Jhangi Wala Road. Future residents can install generators and UPS systems to avoid inconveniences during power outages.

Clinics and Hospitals on and near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

An assortment of clinics and hospitals are situated near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur. Nearby general clinics include Dr Serwar Clinic in Bahawalpur Cantt, Usman Ghani Clinic in Old City Bahawalpur, and Ryan Clinic in Model Town. These are general walk-in clinics that treat patients suffering from common diseases.

Additionally, specialized clinics situated nearby include Al-Shifa Poly Clinic in Gulshan Colony, Tahir Dental Clinic in Trust Colony, Umer Farooq Physiotherapy Center Bahawalpur in Bahawalpur Cantt, and Maqbool Eye Clinic in Satellite Town.

Al-Shifa Poly Clinic offers both general and specialized healthcare diagnosis and treatments for different kinds of ailments and injuries, while Tahir Dental Clinic is known for helping patients suffering from dental problems and ailments of the mouth. Furthermore, Umer Farooq Physiotherapy Center is a rehabilitation clinic that treats patients with physical disabilities with progressive manual treatment techniques and modern machines. Besides, Maqbool Eye Clinic features a team of eye-specialists that help patients with medical and surgical eye care. An estimated commute time of 12 to 15 minutes is required to reach these clinics by road.  

Furthermore, the famous Zubair Hospital is also operational on Jhangi Wala Road. Other hospitals easily accessible via Jhangi Wala Road and its connecting routes are Civil Hospital Bahawalpur on Jail Road, Naz Hospital and Bahawal Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur Cantt, and Zaib Hospital in Satellite Town Bahawalpur.

The general hospitals provide diagnosis facilities and feature consulting doctors for various medical conditions. Moreover, it takes nearly 5 to 15 minutes to reach these hospitals from Jhangi Road by car.


Sales Price Trends on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

A number of houses and plots are up for sale on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur - making the area ideal for investors and buyers alike.

Houses for Sale on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Well-developed houses of 5 marla and 10 marla are being offered for sale. The price of 5 marla houses for sale on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur starts at PKR 12 lakh and goes up to 1 crore, while the price of 10 marla houses is between PKR 58 lakh and PKR 2.1 crore.

Plots for Sale on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Plots of different sizes are available for sale here. The price of 5 marla plots for sale on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur is between PKR 7.25 lakh and PKR 45 lakh, while the price of 10 marla plots starts at PKR 12 lakh and goes up to PKR 85 lakh. Additionally, the price of 1 kanal plots is between PKR 45 lakh and PKR 2 crore.  

Rent Price Trend on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Houses of different sizes are available on rent here. Please note that the prices mentioned below can change over time.

Houses for Rent on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

The monthly rent for 5 marla houses is between PKR 16 thousand and PKR 38 thousand, while the monthly rental for 10 marla houses is up to 1.5 lakh, and the rent for 1 kanal houses is between PKR 60 thousand to PKR 1.2 lakh.  

Commercial Properties 

People looking for a safe investment can buy shops on Jhangi Wala Road, while small businesses and entrepreneurs in search of a steady flow of income can rent shops and start their businesses. A limited number of commercial properties on Jhangi Wala Road are up for sale, while a few commercial properties are being offered on rent as well.

Most Popular Areas On Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

People searched for Al-Noor Garden the most when looking for properties to buy
The popular choice when looking for buying properties on Jhangi Wala Road was Al-Noor Garden Bahawalpur

According to the buying trends for properties on Zameen, the most searched area on Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur is Al-Noor Garden, accounting for 25.8% of the total searches, Allama Iqbal Avenue came second with 18%, City Garden Housing Scheme raked in third with 17.3%, Aman Society Housing Scheme secured the fourth position with 12.8%, and Ajwa Garden was the fifth most searched locality on Jhangi Wala Road with 12.3% of total searches.

Al-Noor Garden is the most searched area when it comes to rental trends on Jhangi Wala Road
Al-Noor Garden was also the popular choice among those seeking properties on rent

When it comes to trends for living on rent on this road, Al-Noor Garden again secured the first position with 43.1% of total searches, City Garden Housing Scheme came second with 19%, Allama Iqbal Avenue secured the third position with 13.8%, Al-Khair Town raked in fourth with 8.6% and Ajwa Garden was the fifth most searched locality with a total of 6.9% of online searches.

Al-Noor Garden is popular among buyers and renters because of its ideal location near Cantt and Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur. Moreover, the project includes residential and commercial facilities and is covered with swathes of greenery, attracting the majority of property seekers.



Malls near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

A huge miscellany of shopping malls are operational near Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur. Some of them are Bobby Plaza and Bahawalpur Trade Center in Old City Bahawalpur, Victoria shopping mall in Trust Colony, Al Noor Shopping Mall on Railway Road, Sapphire Cloth Avenue Mall Dubai Chowk in Sadiq Colony, and Uni Tower in Gulshan e Farid Colony. These malls are situated at a drive of approximately 15 to 25 minutes. 

Restaurants And Bakeries near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

The areas surrounding Jhangi Wala Road are full of eateries, making eating out very easy for prospective residents. Eating out is not only an essential part of socializing with family and friends but also comes in handy on days when one just does not want to cook. 

Popular restaurants near Jhangi Wala Road include Mian Jee Hotel in Old City Bahawalpur, Al-Rehman Restaurant and Ozone Fried Chicken Bahawalpur in Model Town, City Cafe & Grill in Bahawalpur Cantt, Shaigan Restaurant & Fast Food in Sadiq Colony and Papa's Kitchen in Satellite Town. The eateries are located at a drive of nearly 12 to 20 minutes.

Furthermore, some popular nearby bakeries are Cake Studio and Data Sweets & Bakers in Satellite Town, Al-Fareed Sweets & Bakers in Habibabad, Hafiz Sweets & Bakers on Ahmedpuri Gate Road, and The Bakery By Four Seasons in Model Town. 

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach these bakeries by road. 


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Staying fit and healthy is not going to be a problem for people living on Jhangi Wala Road as it is well-served with known gyms. Properly equipped fitness centres in close proximity to Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur include Pehalwan Ghulam Murtaza Gym in Basti Hurian Bahawalpur, Stadium Gym in Bahawalpur Cantt, Advance Health Gym in Gulshan-E-Farid Colony, Cyborg Gym in Trust Colony, and New Shapes Gym in Model Town.

The gyms are at a drive of almost 10 to 20 minutes.

Parks near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Another major factor that property seeker consider is how green is the area of their residence, or if any good parks are located nearby. Some famous parks near Jhangi Wala Road are Jinnah Park and QNC Park in Satellite Town, Royal City Park 3 in Royal City Housing Scheme, Trust Colony Park in Trust Colony, and Eid Gah Family Park in Model Town. The parks are at a drive of almost 14 to 20 minutes by road.

Salons and Spas near Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur

Again, just like gyms, a good number of salons are also operational in adjoining areas of Jhangi Wala Road. Some of them are Wreesha's Beauty Parlour and Aisha's Salon in Old City Bahawalpur, Naintara Beauty Parlour & Training Centre on Circular Road, Nayab Beauty Parlour in Muslim Town, Salix Beauty Salon in Mushtaq Colony Bahawalpur and Curl, and Pearl beauty stop in Muhammadi Colony. You can reach these gyms in 10 to 20 minutes by road. 


Important areas of the city including Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur Cantt, the famous Bahawalpur Zoo, Satellite Town, Model Town, and Trust Colony are located in close proximity to Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur.  


Many important real estate developments are taking place on the road, making it ideal for investors. The area is also practical for people looking to buy or rent houses, however, buyers who are looking to buy or rent flats might have to consider some other area because no apartments exist as of now on Jhangi Wala Road. Nevertheless, this is a timely concern and will get resolved as soon as the construction of apartment complexes or flats initiates here. 

Are you looking to rent or buy property on Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur?


Importance of Jhangi Wala Road Bahawalpur from major locations nearby

  • It takes around 13 minutes to reach Bahawalpur Zoo by road
  • And estimate commute time of 15 minutes is needed to reach Satellite Town 
  • It takes nearly 16 minutes to reach Trust Colony by road 
  • Noor Mahal is at a drive of approximately 20 minutes
  • Bahawalpur Cantt is also at a drive of nearly 20 minutes 
  • It takes about 21 minutes to reach Model Town by road

To know more about the various property projects in Pakistan, please visit the Zameen Area Guide Section

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