DHA City - Sector 5 Karachi Area Guide

DHA City Karachi is the first sustainable, green and smart city in Pakistan. Launched in 2010, the construction work was started off in 2012. Many sectors are already developed and inhabited while others are still witnessing construction. It is segregated into meticulously created mixed-use sub-districts and multi-unit housing zones. The project has 17 sectors in total in which DHA City — Sector 5 Karachi deserves special mention here. Each sector is home to a culture and art sub-district, a sports hub, a healthcare city, mall zones, university complexes, and a central business district. Other than that, it has a state of the art solar energy park as well as a “Knowledge Park” that will consist of remarkable educational institutions. In short, the gated community features countless opportunities and modern amenities which make it a favourite among genuine buyers and investors.

Why should you invest in DHA City?

The residential scheme is nestled on the outskirts of Karachi, on Super Highway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The project is designed under the administration of DHA Karachi. It spreads across an area of 20,000 acres, with plans in place to accommodate around 1 million people in Karachi. By developing a sustainable plan for the distribution of energy and water, waste management and transportation, DHA City has introduced a very new concept of luxury living.

For those who are looking for investment opportunities, they can find plenty of options. These include plots of 120 sq yds, 200 sq yds, 300 sq yds, 500 sq yds, 1,000 sq yds, and 2,000 sq yds. Other than that, farmhouses in DHA City Karachi are also up for sale. They have a size ranging from 2,000 sq yds, to 2,500 sq yds, and lastly 3,000 sq yds. This farmhouse project is called DHA Oasis. The construction is still going on by keeping in view the international standards in mind. Also, those who want to expand their business can find commercial properties for sale as well. They can be found in 200 sq yds, 500 sq yds, 1,000 sq yds, and 2,000 sq yds.

What are the facilities & amenities offered in Sector 5 of DHA City?

The area offers several properties on offer. DHA City Karachi encompasses an extensive mall zone. The neighbourhood has six zones in total that will have malls, showcasing both local as well as international brands. Also, food lovers can head out to various restaurants located alongside M-9. The most notable include Burraq restaurants, Al-Jeddah restaurant, Madina Hotel, and KFC. As far as recreational activities are concerned, DHA City Karachi comes with two theme parks, situated on the northern and southern sides. In addition, the breathtaking Lake View Parks can also be found here. This park spans over the area of 55 acres while the lake covers the area of 13 acres of land. So, if you are planning to invest in DHA City — Sector 5 Karachi, look no further and start your hunt now.

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