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The 12th largest city of the world, Karachi, is home to numerous meticulously-designed residential communities. One such locality, North Nazimabad was initially launched as a residential development for the employees of the federal government. Launched in the 1950s, the town was named after Khawaja Nazimuddin — the second Governor-General of Pakistan. Situated at a prime location on the northern side of this city, North Nazimabad Karachi features an ultra-modern infrastructural development. The neighborhood is divided into 19 blocks — from A to U. Each of these blocks is fully developed and provides its residents with all the necessary utilities such as telephone and internet services, a proper sewerage system, and a consistent supply of electricity, water, and gas. An aesthetically-designed residential society, Shadman, is a part of the North Nazimabad neighborhood.

North Nazimabad was intelligently-designed and planned by the famous Italian architects Scarpa and Aldo Rossi. With each passing day, the locality is becoming a posh suburb and has a relatively lower crime rate than many other notable areas of the city. The neighborhood also features a model park for its residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, North Nazimabad is home to people from a mix of ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds.

What are the facilities & amenities offered by North Nazimabad Karachi?

The biggest concern for parents of school going-children is their proximity to reputable educational institutions. Fortunately, for the residents of North Naziamabad, the presence of schools within the neighborhood such as the Beaconhouse School System and the Falconhouse Grammar School allows a hassle-free commute. The locality also features several higher educational institutions including Presto University and Jinnah University. The metropolis is a densely populated area and many of its major routes face traffic congestion on a daily basis. However, the residents of North Nazimabad Karachi need not worry about such issues, as they can easily access taxis, buses, auto-rickshaws, and cab-hailing app-based services. The locality features a plethora of hospitals and clinics that offer the best healthcare facilities, emergency services, and highly qualified personnel. The above-mentioned Shadman Town hosts the famous Geo Life Hospital which is visited by people from all over the city.

Each block of North Nazimabad hosts its own mosque while the most prominent among these are Jamia Masjid and Al Ahram Masjid. The presence of mosques well within walking distance from its residents enables performing religious obligations less physically challenging. For the Christain community of the neighborhood, a number of churches are present in the vicinity. All the essential banking services for the payment of bills, daily transactions, and business operations are available in the vicinity. Amongst these banks present in this exquisite locality, the most prominent are UBL, MCB, and the Allied Bank. Commercial areas of North Nazimabad offer their residents access to numerous entertainment and lifestyle facilities. The Town features many delicious eateries — from tasty local restaurants to international food chains.

The locality’s residents also have ease of access to popular bakeries such as Crown Bakery in L Block. North Nazimabad Karachi is home to several malls including Dolmen Mall and Serna Mobile Mall. These malls offer a diverse range of products and services from daily items, groceries, and clothing to electronics. A number of model Parks located within North Nazimabad provide its residents with a refreshing and ecofriendly environment. The presence of sports complexes and fitness centers in and around the Town enables its residents to remain healthy while fulfilling their passion for sports. For entertainment purposes, a 4-D cinema in Gulshan-e-Iqbal is situated in close proximity to North Nazimabad.

Where can I find a Property for sale in North Nazimabad Karachi?

Houses for sale in Blocks B and F of North Nazimabad are the most sought-after as they are situated in close proximity to many commercial areas and reputable educational institutions. Houses available for sale here range in sizes from 100 sq yds to 2000 sq yds. A 240 sq yds house for sale in this extraordinary neighborhood has a buying price starting from 1.4 crore while going as high as PKR 5.5 crore. The Town offers a plethora of residential plots available for sale ranging in sizes from 120 sq yds to 3000 sq yds. A 240 sq yds residential plot for sale here can cost you anywhere from PKR 2 crore to PKR 4.5 crore. The locality features luxury apartment complexes in Blocks B and F. These complexes comprise studio and 1 to 3-bedroom flats readily available for sale. A furnished 2-bedroom apartment for sale here has a buying price fluctuating between PKR 20 lakh and PKR 1.4 crore. Additionally, commercial properties in North Nazimabad are highly desirable as they are perfect for expanding business operations.

Why should I invest in a Property for sale in North Nazimabad Karachi?

North Nazimabad Karachi attracts numerous investors, owing to its ultra-modern infrastructural development. The densely populated Town has become a hotspot for investors from all over the country. The neighborhood offers both short and long-term opportunities for investors to make lucrative profits. Furthermore, the above-mentioned numerous facilities and amenities offered by this exquisite neighborhood have encouraged many genuine buyers to aim for a housing unit here. The commercial markets of the Town are highly popular amongst people from all over the city. The famous housing society, Shadman, is a part of North Nazimabad and is known for providing its residents with modern amenities just a stone’s throw away. In a nutshell, North Nazimabad is a brilliant location for genuine buyers and investors alike.

Check out these residential developments in Karachi if you are looking to buy a home or invest:

North Nazimabad Societies

House Prices in North Nazimabad

Area Size

Price Range

120 Square Yard
PKR 1.40 Crore3.50 Crore
Start Searching
200 Square Yard
PKR 3.15 Crore5.80 Crore
Start Searching
233 Square Yard
PKR 3.50 Crore6.30 Crore
Start Searching
400 Square Yard
PKR 4.75 Crore7.00 Crore
Start Searching

House Rent Ranges in North Nazimabad

Area Size

Price Range

160 Square Yard
PKR 35.00 Thousand35.00 Thousand
Start Searching
900 Square Feet
PKR 20.00 Thousand45.00 Thousand
Start Searching

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