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Karachi, the ‘city of lights’ is home to the densely populated locality, Scheme 33. Scheme 33 comprises many housing projects such as Madina Colony, Ghousia Society, and Pir Ahmed Zaman Town. One such housing society, Saadi Town, is approved by the Cantonment Board Malir (CBM). Saadi Town offers its residents numerous amenities and facilities. Parkland Housing Private Limited, the developers of this meticulously-planned housing community are nationally recognised for their projects in several major cities. The developers have employed professional architects, engineers, designers, and artists for establishing the ultra-modern infrastructural development of Saadi Town. The residential society caters to the housing needs of people belonging to various socio-economic groups of society. Situated in close proximity to the Super Link Road, Saadi Town is named after the famous Persian poet Saadi Sherazi.

What are the facilities & amenities offered by Saadi Town Karachi?

As a part of Scheme 33, Saadi Town comprises many bus stops with routes leading to many prominent areas of the city. Additionally, its residents can easily access auto-rickshaws, taxis, and cab-hailing app-based services. To make performing daily prayers less physically challenging for its residents, Saadi Town Karachi hosts many mosques well within walking distance. As far as proximity to commercial markets is concerned, markets within Scheme 33 extensively cater to daily grocery, clothing, and entertainment needs. The locality is popular across the city as being a center of many reputable educational institutions and fully-equipped healthcare facilities. The housing community features a central public park providing its residents with a refreshing and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Where can I buy a Property for sale in Saadi Town Karachi?

Saadi Town has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Cantonment Board Malir (CBM), which allows a legal status of documentation and approval of development work within the residential society. The exquisite residential community is divided into 7 blocks — from 1 to 7. Residential plots available for sale here range in sizes from 120 sq yds to 400 sq yds. Houses are readily available for sale in Saadi Town and range in sizes of 120 sq yds and 240 sq yds. A 120 sq yds house for sale here has a buying fluctuating between PKR 90 lakh and PKR 3.5 crore. Commercial properties for sale in the Town are highly desirable owing to their immense potential for growth.

Why should I invest in a Property for sale in Saadi Town Karachi?

As a part of Scheme 33, Saadi Town is an ideal location for genuine buyers to aim for a housing unit. The above-mentioned facilities in and around this exquisite housing society attract buyers from all over the city. Venture capitalists have a keen interest in investing in a commercial property in Saadi Town Karachi, enabling them to make lucrative profits in a short span of time.

House Rent Ranges in Saadi Town

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240 Square Yard
PKR 40 Thousand – 50 Thousand
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