Zam Zam City Lahore Overview

Zam Zam City is a new residential development scheme by Zam Zam Developers. This housing development is offering the most cost-effective plan for plots. This society is gaining popularity among buyers because it is well-connected to all of Lahore due to its proximity to Quaid-e- Azam Interchange, and Metro Train Station giving easy access to move around the city.

The Zam Zam city housing scheme is a sound investment option for investors and purchasers due to its prime location, excellent development status, and contemporary town design. The landscape design for Zam Zam Society has an aesthetic appeal that persuades the potential client to opt for a residential or commercial property.

It is the first-ever housing society to give residential plots to a tight-budgeted middle class, retired army officers and government workers. Exclusive discounts are offered in addition to providing all the opulent amenities for living.

Zam Zam City Payment Plan

To attract investors, Zam Zam City offers a very flexible payment plan. Plots in Zam Zam City Lahore, are available for booking at very reasonable prices. In terms of ROI, purchasing a home in this area is ideal. These plots are currently selling at a price that is both reasonable and attractive. A 25% down payment secures a plot, and the remaining amount can be paid off in a 3 or 5-year l instalment schedule. If a buyer wants, they can also pay the lump sum amount and avail of the discount.

Zam Zam City Residential Plots

4 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 1,400,000
  • Down Payment = PKR 240,000
  • Monthly Installments = PKR 12,000
  • Possession = PKR 260,000

5 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 1,750,000
  • Down Payment = PKR 300,000
  • Monthly Instalments = PKR 15,000
  • Possession = PKR 325,000

8 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 2,800,000
  • Down Payment = PKR 480,000
  • Monthly Installments = PKR 24,000
  • Possession = PKR 520,000

Zam Zam City Commercial Plots

4 Marla

  • Total Price = PKR 7,000,000
  • Down Payment = PKR 1,200,000
  • Monthly Installments = PKR 200,000 ( 2Lac x 8)
  • Every 6 Months = PKR 1,500,000 (15Lac x 8)
  • Possession = PKR 180,000

Zam Zam City Location

The developers have picked the most optimal and well-connected location for Zam Zam city Lahore. Zam Zam City is perfectly situated next to the Quaid-e-Azam Interchange and Lahore Metro station. This location is easily accessible from all areas of Lahore from GT Road, Batapur Canal Road, and Daroghwala

The proximity to the Allama Iqbal International Airport and several other well-known projects assures investors will receive positive returns in the future.

Zam Zam City Access Points

Zam Zam City is conveniently located near the city's main highways, including GT Road, Canal Road, and Ring Road. This makes this society a wonderful investment opportunity. The following are the access points to Zam Zam city:

  • The Lahore Ring Road is only 8-minute drive away.
  • Canal Road is about a 5-minute drive away.
  • Barki Road is approximately 11 minutes distant by car.
  • M-11 Motorway is approximately a 12-minute drive away.
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport is approximately a 15-minute drive away.
  • 18 minutes away from Badami Bagh via Ring Road.
  • Near to Jhalo Park, Botanical Park and Sozo Water Park.
  • 20 minutes away from Lahore Railway Station.
  • 15 minutes away from Government University Garhi Shaho.

Zam Zam City Nearby Societies

The value of society rises when residents can feel secure in their neighbourhoods. The following are some of the well-developed societies that surround the town of Zam Zam:

Zam Zam City Nearby Schools

It is essential for any developed society to have educational institutions, eliminating the need for residents to travel far. During the initial stage of the society's expansion, Zam Zam City intends to establish several reputable educational institutions. Following are the nearby schools of the society:

  • Stepping Stone School
  • Crescent Model Higher Secondary School
  • King Way Group of Schools
  • Lahore School of Learning

Owners & Developers of Zam Zam City

Zam Zam City is the project of Zam Zam Developers, recognized among the top-tier developers in the real estate sector. They have designed this society with a contemporary plan in mind.

The aim of the developers is to bring luxury living within everyone's financial reach therefore the payment plan for Zam Zam city is maintained at a low price. The developer’s goal is to develop exquisite living spaces in the city through various building and urban landscaping initiatives.

Zam Zam City NOC

Zam Zam City has received LDA approval and is now able to provide investors with a secure option for their money. All of the sections and the overall scheme is given the go-light by the relevant authorities. Because of the legal status, a surge in demand for residential and commercial plots is expected.

Zam Zam City Masterplan

Zam Zam City is a large-scale real estate development with a high-quality housing concept. The following blocks are part of the master plan for Zam Zam City:

  • Executive Block
  • Royal Classic Block
  • Egypt Block
  • Shohada Block
  • Overseas Blocks

Residential plots ranging in varying sizes are available for purchase You can also buy commercial plots here. Every block is meticulously prepared to support the local businesses, shops and malls.

Zam Zam City Residential Plots

Zam Zam City Lahore provides the greatest possibilities for investment needs and your day-to-day living requirements. Residential blocks have all the luxurious amenities and come in a variety of sizes. The sizes of residential plots are as follow:

  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 9 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 16 Marla

Zam Zam City Commercial Plots

The process of reserving commercial plots has just begun, each of the blocks will have an area that is set aside for the operation of a commercial centre. Each commercial block consists of 4 Marla plots.

Zam Zam City Booking Procedure

Zam Zam City's booking procedure is very easy to follow. Visit the booking office which is conveniently located next to the Zam Zam Society's main entrance. Before submitting the payment, double-check all the data provided by the society.

Document Requirement

  • 2 Copies of the ID Card
  • 2 Copies of Nominate ID Card
  • 2 Passport size pictures

Amenities and Facilities of Zam Zam City

The housing concept in Zam Zam City provides residents with access to high-end conveniences and amenities. Developers' ultimate goal is to make life easier for residents and investors. Everything from the basic amenities to the most cutting-edge conveniences is on the list of planned improvements for Zam Zam City.

This community offers the following amenities:

Gated Community

The primary concern of residents is security, thus Zam Zam City has planned to give a high level of security to its residents, with security guards protecting every block and surveillance cameras on every street. CCTV surveillance will ensure the security of this gated community.


Every member of society has the right to access basic services. Water and power are already available around-the-clock at Zam Zam City. In the next iteration of the plan, every one of the essential services will be automated. Although gas is currently unavailable in the area, society has big ambitions to change that as growth picks up speed in the upcoming years.

Sewerage System

Maintaining the sewerage system is very important to Zam Zam City. Urban infrastructure's sewer system plays a crucial role in limiting the development of water-borne diseases. This society has all the resources necessary to meet the demand.

Beautiful Mosques

The management of the community has committed to the construction of three stunning mosques shortly. These mosques are going to have magnificent architecture and stunning interior design.

Recreational centres

Every developed society recognises the value of recreation centres, so the developers have made several community centres, kid-friendly parks, fitness centres to keep everyone active and in shape, movie theatres for entertainment, and numerous commercial hubs for social gatherings for their residents.


Zam Zam City is connected to all of the renowned hospitals because it is close to GT Road. Hospitals will be constructed as the development moves forward to support and expand community health and medical services.


Graveyards hold a significant amount of value in the culture of Muslims. It will be simpler for the residents of Zam Zam city to pay their respects to their deceased loved ones because the city will have its very own cemetery.


Where is Zam Zam City located?

Zam Zam City is located right next to the GT Road, Daroghwala, Batapur Canal Road, Lahore.

Who are the developers of Zam Zam City?

Zam Zam City is developed by Zam Zam developers.

Is Zam Zam City an affordable society?

Zam Zam city is a very affordable housing society with plots starting from 14 lacs only.

Is Zam Zam City LDA approved?

Zam Zam City has been approved by the Lahore development authority (LDA)

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