Model Town Lahore is one of the most upscale housing societies in the city that covers almost 1,463 acres of land. This town has a population of almost 100,000 people. It is divided into different blocks — from Block A through Block K. Blocks L-S are known as “Model Town Extension.” These are located around the central square of Model Town. This community is designed in a square shape with major roads dividing the town into various blocks.

Located near Kalma Flyover and Ferozepur, Model Town is an ideal housing society, complete with basic amenities like parks, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. This posh area of Lahore is a residential hub of politicians, bureaucrats, senior journalists, celebrities and other sports personalities. Property in Model Town comes with high-end housing options along with lucrative business opportunities. It is connected to New Garden Town on one side while on the other, via Model Town Extension, it meets Faisal Town Lahore. On can also approach Township and other areas via Link Road Model Town Lahore.


  • Affluent neighbourhood of Lahore
  • Offers high-end residential and commercial properties
  • Home of many politicians, celebrities and journalists
  • Well connected to major societies, including New Garden Town, Faisal Town, and Township
  • Lush green environment along with luxurious amenities



Public Transport in Model Town Lahore

Model Town Lahore is surrounded by a number of bus stops. Each block of the society has its own bus stop near Circular Road, which provides speedy access to the main city. There are also bus stands near the boundaries of the town. Those include Shaheed Chowk, Arfa Software Technology Park Bus Station, Naseerabad Bus Station, and Model Town Bus Station. Public transport like rickshaws and taxis are also easily available.

Schools, Colleges and Universities in Model Town Lahore

There are a number of private and public schools located in each block of Model Town. However, Block G houses the most popular names, such as Beaconhouse, The Smart School, American Lyceum, Aims High School, and LACAS School Network. On the other hand, Allied School, City Grammar Schools, Dar-e-Arqam School, and The Abacus School is in Block Q. MA Grammar School System, DPS Boys Wing, and DPS Girls Wing is situated near Model Town Circular Road.

Some renowned colleges are also located in Model Town such as, Divisional Public School & Intermediate College is positioned in Block H, Government College For Women is on Model Town Circular Road, Government Model Degree College and College of Shariah & Islamic Sciences is in Block M, and Quaid-e-Azam Law College is located in Block G.

Model Town Lahore also has University of Engineering and Technology in R Block. Other nearby universities are Minhaj-ul-Quran University, FAST NUCES, Hajvery University, The University of Punjab, Riphah International University and Bahauddin Zakariya University. All these institutions are just a 10 to 15-minute drive away from the Model Town Society.

In Block D, Model Town Lahore also has its own Govt. Model Town Library, where visitors can use computers, peruse newspapers and a collection of 40,000 books.

Clinics and Hospitals in Model Town Lahore

Model Town has a number of hospitals, private clinics, and dispensaries in almost all of its blocks. Residents can visit Model Town Hospital on Circular Road, Model Town Women Medical Center in Block D, Khairun Nisa Hospital in Bock F, Al Shaukat Foundation in Block R, Ittefaq Hospital and Sohail Hospital in Block H. In case you have a pet that needs medical assistance, you can visit Asim Pets Clinic, which is situated in Block L.

Mosques and Churches in Model Town Lahore

There are spacious mosques in each block of Model Town Lahore. Residents can offer prayers in Q Block mosque, Jamia Mosque F block, Jamia Mosque Mubarak in G block, Jamia Mosque G Block Town, Jamia Mosque Block A, R Block Mosque Model Town, and J Block Mosque. There is also a church located near Circular Road, Block Q, and there’s also a mandir in Block D.

Security in Model Town Lahore

Model Town has security barriers at every entrance and exit point. All the barriers are closed after 9 pm, however, the main entrance points remain open 24/7. Residents of Model Town also use vehicle stickers issued by the society administration.


Sale Price Trends in Model Town Lahore

Houses for Sale in Model Town Lahore

Those who want to invest in property in Model Town Lahore will come across a variety of options. The sale price of 5 marla houses starts from PKR 75 lakh, which can go as high as PKR 1.6 crore. Similarly, buying 10 marla houses can cost anywhere between PKR 1 crore and PKR 3.5 crore. You can pay this amount in instalments. The luxurious 1 kanal houses are available for sale prices ranging between PKR 2-9 crore while the asking price of 2 kanal houses varies between PKR 5 crore and PKR 23 crore.

Plots for Sale in Model Town Lahore

Investors can also buy 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal commercial and residential plots in Model Town Lahore. The sale price of 5 marla to 10 marla residential plots ranges between PKR 30 lakh to 3.5 crore. 10 marla to 1 kanal residential plots are also available for sale in the range of PKR 1.6 crore to PKR 5.5 crore. However, 2 kanal residential plots can cost anywhere between PKR 4 crore to PKR 12 crore. If you’re willing to make an even bigger investment, you can buy 3 kanal residential plots for PKR 9 crore to PKR 15 crore.

Flats for Sale in Model Town Lahore

The sale price of a studio flat in Lahore, Model Town, starts from PKR 22 lakh, which can get as steep as PKR 81 lakh. Spacious 2-bedroom apartments are also available in Model Town in the range of PKR 40 lakh to PKR 60 lakh. The sale price of 3-bedroom luxury apartments ranges between PKR 20 lakh and PKR 30 lakh.

Rent Price Trends in Model Town Lahore

Houses for Rent in Model Town Lahore

The house rentals in Model Town depend on the size of the house and its location. The luxurious furnished and unfurnished residential houses are available for rent. The average rent of 5 marla houses ranges between PKR 20 thousand to PKR 60 thousand. The society also offers 10 marla houses which can be rented for PKR 25 thousand to PKR 1 lakh per month. 1 kanal rental houses are also available for PKR 30 thousand to PKR 2.6 lakh. Meanwhile, double-storey 2 kanal houses can be rented for PKR 75 thousand to PKR 4 lakh per month.  

Flats for Rent in Model Town Lahore

While houses are quite expensive in Model Town, people can rent a flat in the society at affordable rates.  The average rent for 2-bedroom flats in Model Town Lahore ranges from PKR 9 thousand to PKR 55 thousand per month.

Commercial Properties

Ready-for-possession commercial property is available for sale in Model Town Lahore. For business investors, high-end fully furnished shops are available in the range of PKR 10 lakh to PKR 8.5 crore. Moreover, the price of commercial offices ranges from PKR 12 lakh to PKR 5 crore. This option often comes with an instalment plan.

Most Popular Blocks in Model Town Lahore

Popular Blocks to Buy Property in Model Town Lahore
Most Popular Blocks to Buy Property in Model Town Lahore
According to Zameen.com search trends, the most searched blocks in this society for investing in properties are Model Town Link Road, Block D and Block R. The houses in these blocks are constructed as single as well as double-storey units.
Popular Blocks to Rent Property in Model Town Lahore
Most Popular Blocks to Rent Property in Model Town Lahore
On the other hand, Model Town Link Road, Model Town Block C, Block M, Block Q and Block R are the top choice among those who want to rent a property in Model Town Lahore.



Malls in Model Town Lahore

Model Town offers its own mini markets and grocery stores in each block. Model Town has Central Commercial and Bank Square, both of which are located in the centre of the society. Shopaholics can also head to Model Town Link Road where they can find the popular one-stop shopping hub Metro Cash & Carry, outlets of some of the most famous local and international brands and Amanah Mall.

Restaurants and Bakeries in Model Town Lahore

Lahore is famous for its delicious food and Model Town makes sure to uphold its home-city’s culinary reputation. Many national and international food joints like Gloria Jean’s, Pizzario, Arabic Shawarma, Goshi Restaurant, Bhaiya Kabab, Delish Pizza bar, Hungry Jacks, Chaska Maska, McDonald’s, Murgh Chanay, Café Delice and DJ Butt Café are located in Bank Square Block C. Foodies can also explore some coffee shops and street food stalls in the society


Sports Facilities and Fitness Centres in Model Town Lahore

Model Town also offers a plethora of sports clubs and academies, including Tennis Club and Golf Club at Circular Road, Talent Hunt Academy of Tennis Block K, Cage Cricket in Block E, Shah Cricket Club in Block A, Punjab Women Cricket Academy in Block R, Model Town Greens and Nawab Cricket Club near Block A, Model Town Whites and Model Town Club near Model Town Circular Road, West Ave. Model Town Lahore also has its own football clubs such as Fame Football Club near West Ave and Model Town Football Academy.

Parks in Model Town Lahore

Model Town has dedicated nearly 19% of its land, around 278 acres, to parks. There are green belts edging East Ave, which have sculptured ducks, huge trees, and benches. Model Town also has Nawaz Sharif Park and Arfa Karim Park.

The main entrance of the society leads to Model Town Park. It is one of the largest parks in the city where people from across Lahore come for jogging, exercising and other recreational activities. This family park has a beautiful golf course as well as a 2.8 km jogging track. The central Model Town Park also has a boating area, lush green lawns and kids play area.

Moreover, there are also small parks located in different blocks including Block F Park, R Block Park, Melad Park in Block Q and Minhaj-ul-Quran Park in Block M.

Salons and Spas in Model Town Lahore

Besides basic facilities, the society offers a wide range of luxurious amenities. There are a number of beauty salons located in Model Town including Leisure Salon and Natasha Salon in Block C, Marvel Beauty Clinic near circular road, La Belle Salon and Spa in Block B and Amna's Cutting Edge in Block F. All these beauty salons provide services like massages, manicures, pedicures and expert bridal makeovers.


A number of events take place in Model Town Lahore. Over the past few years, the administration of the society has been arranging Special General Meeting, Hi-Life Spring & Sports Festival, and Hajj Balloting Ceremony. Last year, Amanah Mall Model Town also arranged several events for its residents including concerts, sales, a live puppet show, a rooftop live music, BBQ, Halloween party, and a live magic show.


Model Town is a well-planned society where you are never away from facilities like the airport, railway station, universities, and malls. Just 18 km away from the site, one can reach Allama Iqbal International Airport via Major Mustafa Sabir Shaheed Road. Walton Railway is also located just an 18-minute drive away from Model Town Society. In addition, one of the most popular destinations for children, Lahore Zoo, is just a 19-minute drive away via Ferozepur road.


Investors can enjoy exceptional profits by investing in Model Town Lahore. It is an ideal, secure, location, surrounded by parks, hospitals, and schools, all of which make it a complete package to live in. However, the residents of Model Town sometimes face the shortage of Sui Gas and people have to use LPG cylinders during winters.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Model Town Lahore?


Importance of Model Town Lahore from major locations nearby

  • 18 km away from Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • Walton Railway is just an 18-minute drive away
  • Lahore Zoo is just a 19-minute drive away via Ferozepur road

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