Canal View Housing, Gujranwala: a project update

January 14, 2019 • blog,Housing Schemes

Canal View Housing, Gujranwala is an interesting project that has attracted a fair amount of public attention. While slow in the beginning, price trends turned in its favour as it developed. This caused investors to gain significantly on their staked capital. Currently, while the investors can still invest for medium-term returns, Canal View Housing suits genuine buyers more.

Located on Canal View Road, the project sits right next to Wapda Town. A number of popular housing schemes of the city are located nearby. These include Citi Housing Scheme and Palm City Gujranwala. All these factors make it one of the top housing societies in the area.

Currently, the project offers 5-marla, 10-marla, 15-marla, 1-kanal, and 2-kanal residential plots to investors. The society is divided four blocks, with development having taken place in all of them. The roads network is complete. And a number of desirable housing facilities have been provided – all within the vicinity of the residential compound.

The basic utilities of electricity, gas, water, and sewerage are also available. The most striking feature of the project, however, is its grand mosque; easily one of the most beautiful in the city.


Market and prices

The market for Canal View Gujranwala is fairly active, according to Hussain Asghar of Asghar Associates.

Genuine buyers are taking interest and investing in the project. The 5-marla and 10-marla plots are particularly popular. They are affordable, and available for ready possession. Because of these reasons, people are eagerly buying them to construct their homes. They are also interested in the project’s long-term potential.

As of now, a significant number of houses have been fully constructed, while others are in progress. The prices in the housing scheme currently stand as follows:

Plot Size Prices in PKR
5 marla 4,000,000—4,500,000
10 marla 6,000,000—6,500,000
15 marla 7,000,000—9,000,000
1 kanal 8,000,000—12,000,000
2 kanal 15,000,000—25,000,000


Should you build your home here?

Canal View Housing, Gujranwala is definitely worth considering as a home settlement option. As already stated, the project’s location is fantastic. It is also surrounded by the bulk of the recent developments in Gujranwala.

Some of the top housing projects in the city are nearby, so everything you need will be available at a short distance. Even if it isn’t available in the housing scheme itself.

According to Hussain, Canal View Gujranwala is the perfect project for genuine buyers looking to settle their families soon.

The plot prices are quite affordable. Five marla plots are the most attractive in this respect, but very few of them are still on the market. So if you do manage to find one, buy it without delay!

According to Hussain, the society is also a great option for mid-term or long-term investors to put their money in.

If Canal View Housing Scheme has caught your interest, you can expect decent profits in two to three years’ time. The prices have appreciated by around 15% to 20% during the past year. So in all likelihood, similar trends can be expected over the upcoming period.

Are you looking to buy a plot in Canal View Housing, Gujranwala? Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your decision? You can discuss them with us in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can head to the Zameen Forum to engage in an extensive discussion on the topic.


2 Responses to Canal View Housing, Gujranwala: a project update

  1. A. Munir says:

    I can’t agree with your analysis more that it suits to genuine buyers and that the project’s location is fantastic. For the last 2 years, I observed this area closely. The compound annual growth rate — during this period — in Canal View remained between 15% and 22% which is very good. I also observed that there are four other housing societies in the area competing with Canal View. However, it still has best location compared to other four. Since Canal View is fully developed and other four have room for development, therefore, Canal View is likely to appreciate at lower rate than the others. The pattern tells that Wafi City is likely to appreciate next and then Palm City. And those who can’t afford these societies still have option to build a home in G Mangolia. Master City has no competitor in the area and nearby comparable area Peoples Colony is already appreciated a lot. So, Wafi City and especially Master City are great candidates for investment.


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