Ideas to master accent wall designs in your home

February 14, 2019 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors

Several design elements, when combined, make way for a well-managed interior layout. Accent walls, as such, comprise one of the most popular home design elements nowadays.

Creatively designed accent walls can add a unique dimension to any room’s ambience.


What is an accent wall?

If you are new to interior decorating, then you might want to know what an accent wall is – exactly.

To build one, a designer will choose a single wall from a room to appear different from the rest. To do this, she (or he) may paint it in a different colour. Other ways to differentiate include the use of texturing and decorations.

Accent walls are a smart idea to break large living spaces. However, they work for small rooms too.


How to design an accent wall

Many people don’t find it too hard to design an accent wall. But it is always good to know what to avoid…and what makes one better.

Here are a few tips to get you started on designing the best accent wall ever!


  • Accent walls present the perfect opportunities for applying your creative genius. What you can’t do with the rest of the room, you probably can apply it to this one wall. So don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s all good.


  • You may worry about an accent wall disrupting the atmosphere of a neutrally designed room. But the right colour and textural choices won’t create this problem. If your room’s theme is neutral, you don’t have to select bright accent hues. Instead, choose something that complements the neutral palette, but is dramatic as well.


  • Working with an accent wall in an all-white room is not easy. You need to be careful about how you use your chosen accent colour. A bright hue against white walls looks contemporary. But it can also become overwhelming, and therefore, unappealing. We recommend that you use softened accent colours in all-white spaces.


  • You don’t have to choose a wall to be your room’s accent. You can use your ceiling to fulfil the same function, which then becomes your accent ceiling. Apart from the colour, a stylish crown moulding job also differentiates a ceiling.


  • A wall with windows also makes for a good accent feature. But you need to be careful with your colour choices here. You might end up with a bright light effect if you select dark accent colours. Meanwhile, creating an accent window wall is smart for a room that lacks any other architectural focal point.


Ideas for creative accent walls

When it comes to designing a great accent wall, you can explore a variety of creative ideas. The colour wheel, in itself, will be your playground.

Try to go with the hue you love; as long as it fits with the room’s settings. Also, you can texturize the paint, or apply materials like wallpapers, wood, and reflective glass for added effect.

Here are some cool accent wall ideas to try for your home:



Not in a mood to paint something creative? That’s ok. Let wallpapers be your saviours for the day. The great thing about these nifty design hacks is they come in a lot of variety nowadays. As such, they present the easiest method for building an accent wall in any room.



Geometric designs give off a contemporary appearance. They also allow you to add patterns to the interior. And they look really nice in a child or teen bedroom.


Warm hues

Don’t want an overly bright ambience for your room? Go for the hues from the warmer side of the colour wheel. They help to design cosy rooms, but bring that dramatic accent effect too.



You can be quite creative with the use of textures as accents. Instead of the conventional choices of brick or wood, try stone. We recommend using stone materials in their natural aesthetic.



Wall murals offer several quirky ways of adding accent to a room. Once again, feel free to work with plenty of mural-painting ideas. Texture, of course, can also be used for such walls. For example, you may use applique and embossed features.

Most interior elements give a lot of creative freedom to a designer. And accent walls are definitely included in this list. So take advantage of them, and try thinking outside of the box. That’s where novelty comes in – and all beautiful innovation.

If you have some ideas of your own about designing accent walls, please share them with us in the comments section below.


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