Tips to decorate your home with bold colours

January 25, 2019 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors

Colours make your home livelier. And the right choices can make or break your interior décor efforts. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should always be careful about the palettes you choose to work with.

This issue, when considered generally, often makes people hesitant to make bold choices in their home spaces.

However, the interior design trends for 2019 have so far dictated otherwise! This is the year when bold colours and patterns, as anticipated by the experts, will be prevalent in home décor designs everywhere.

So if you have ever wanted to experiment with bold colours, now would be the best time to start.

But you need to be smart in using such palettes. Because the wrong colour choices or combinations can be disastrous.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of bold colours:

  • Working with Strong hues

Some of the bolder hues come across stronger than the others.

Consider the example of black and red. To make these shades benefit your interiors, use them (in a contrast) against neutrals.

Grey and white shades work in two ways, in this case. They prevent your interiors from looking overwhelming. And they have a tendency to ‘pop out’ darker colours; thereby preserving their unique aesthetic.

  • Limited number of colours

Just because you have been waiting for a long time to use bold colours does not mean that you should go all out. Because using too many of these aesthetic beauties in a single living space will become counterproductive.

You want your rooms to look balanced. Try working with a limited number of colours to do so. Three or four shades are quite enough (in most cases) to create a beautiful ambience.

  • The 60/30/10 rule

When using three colours, it is recommended to follow the ‘60/30/10 rule’. In this arrangement, you select one neutral, one secondary, and one accent colour. The accent colour is the one that will attract the most attention in your interior space.

Cover 60% of your room with a neutral colour. Then use the secondary colour for about 30% of the room.

The accent shade gets the least percentage i.e. 10%.

This type of division ensures that bright accent colours pop out nicely without overwhelming a room’s ambience.

  • Less is more

Nowadays, the idea of ‘less is more’ is increasingly being preferred by homeowners and interior designers. Your choices don’t have to necessarily lean towards a strict form of design minimalism, though. What you’re looking for is simple interiors, but which look elegant at the same time.

In terms of adding colours to your home décor, you can accomplish this effect by using only one bold colour.  Keep the background white, grey, or any another neutral hue.

Your aim is to use your selected bold colour minimally, but in such a way that it creates a focal point.

  • Introduce patterns

When working with bold colours, creating the right balance is always an issue. Using such hues in combination with patterns can resolve this issue. The addition of patterns also brings a much-needed sense of cohesion to your interiors.

With this trick, your bold palettes will no longer become overwhelming, and your décor will look seamlessly interconnected.

The other issue concerns the use of patterns. One of the best ways to incorporate them smoothly is by resorting to textiles.

Get your rooms decorated with patterned rugs and pillows. If you are more confident about deploying your décor expertise, you may even use patterned furniture.

  • Colour family

Another great way to smartly use bold colours is to use somewhat similar shades. For example, if you are working with a deep blue, you can combine it with aqua. Similarly, golden and mustard make a good pair.

However, never forget to add a balancing hue!

  • Complementing décor

Some bold colours are particularly difficult to work with. Bright pink is a good example. And if you use such hues excessively, the ambience gets affected negatively. Try incorporating these shades in moderation. Balancing them with appropriate décor is another trick.

As a general rule of thumb, décor that complements creates the right atmosphere. Sparing use of shades will prevent an overwhelming effect from occurring, while the right décor will justify the use of one specific colour.

Bold colours may be difficult to work with. But their results are truly beautiful when they are used correctly.

Just follow these tips to confidently make your décor pop out.

And remember: All you need is a little planning and creativity to get the best out of bold hues.

Share your ideas on using bold palettes intelligently in the comments section below. As always, we would love to hear from you.



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