Tulip: a serene hope for you in Margalla Hills

January 11, 2019 • blog,Housing Schemes

Each of us wants to live in the serene and exquisite environment of the capital. No location quite compares to the heart of Margalla Hills and Korang River for building a home. And the Tulip residential project, located in the centre of this Eden-like spot, intends to turn this dream into reality.

Nestled amidst the beautiful greenery and waterfront views of the hills, the project is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Tulip apartments match luxury with affordability, by allowing you to choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom luxury apartments.

The apartment buildings boast a unique and contemporary architecture. Each unit has been planned with the utmost care.

The apartments will be constructed using state-of-the-art technologies, with the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ being that the project is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). 

A fantastic location

Located near Chattar Park on Kashmir Road, Islamabad, Tulip is an ambitious project. Its location has been selected for its accessibility. It offers all sorts of desirable living facilities nearby: schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, and mosques – among other things.

The nearby schools include USWA Montessori and School, Rise International School, The Spirit School, Allied School, The Citizens Foundation, and The City School.

Quaid-e-Azam University, Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Allama Iqbal Open University, SZABIST, Preston University, and COMSATS University are also located nearby.

To cater to the health of the inhabitants there are several clinics and hospitals nearby. Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, Awais Homeo Teaching Hospital, Shifa International Hospital are some of the options you can choose from!

Several popular restaurants and cafes are also located in the area, including Papoo G Hotel, New Super Hotel, Dastoor Restaurant, Abbasi Hotel, Khyber Hujra Shinwari Restaurant, and Makka Restaurant.

So when the guests drop by, you will have a range of food choices to satiate their appetite with!

Apartment and building features

IK Dhedhi properties are the developers of the project. They have added a contemporary touch to the home spaces in Tulip apartments. Their effort culminates into a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional architecture.

Each apartment has a kitchen, attached baths, and a balcony. The balcony affords a marvellous view of its surroundings. The residents will be able to take in the mesmerizing waters of Korang River, as well as the breath-taking sight of Margalla Hills.

The apartment building has a dedicated space for parking cars and bikes. Other amenities include:

  • Elevator facility
  • 24/7 maintenance personnel
  • Security guards
  • Centrally located, beautiful water fountains
  • Mosque
  • Parks and playground
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants and cafes

Payment Plan

The 1-bed apartment is priced at PKR 2.2 million.

The 2-bed apartments will cost you PKR 4 million.

The 3-bed apartments can be won for PKR 5.5 million.

Booking can be made at 10%. 15% amount has to be paid as confirmation within 30 days of booking, while 10% has to be paid at the time of possession. The remaining sum can be paid in 30-monthly or 10-quarterly instalments.

The detailed payment plan is given below:

  1-bedroom apartment 2-bedroom apartment 3-bedroom apartment
Facing Atrium Park Parking
Covered Area 500 sq ft 1150 sq ft 1,500 sq ft
Price in PKR 2,200,000 4,000,000 5,500,000
Booking (10%) 220,000 400,000 550,000
Confirmation (15%) 330,000 600,000 825,000
Monthly Instalments (30) 47,666 86,666 119,166
Quarterly Instalments (10) 143,000 260,000 357,500
Possession (10%) 220,000 400,000 550,000


Are you interested in investing in Tulip, Islamabad? Do you have any questions or concerns? You can discuss them with us in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can head to the Zameen Forum to engage in an extensive discussion on the topic.


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