What is an Eggshell Paint Finish – usage, benefits, and comparisons

March 11, 2019 • blog,General,Home decor,Interiors

When it is time to upgrade your house paint, you normally visit your nearest warehouse store to choose from the best paint brands available. Your task, needless to say, is not easy – as you end up facing a wide variety of colour combinations and finishes.

Nowadays, one common paint description that we popularly come across is the eggshell finish. You might have seen this particular paint application in someone’s home, or heard about it on a commercial. And you may have become tempted to whip out your wallet.

But before you make the purchase, it is important to first understand how to best work it to your advantage.


What is an eggshell finish?

All house paints come in different finishes, also called sheens. A paint’s finish determines its final performance and overall aesthetics.

Simply put, an eggshell finish resembles the texture we find on the surface of an eggshell.

To understand the concept better, you should know that there are five basic paint finishes:

  • Flat
  • Gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • Satin
  • Eggshell


In Pakistan, you can find these finishes available from most local paint manufacturers. One notable brand, which can cater to all of your paint requirements, is Gobi’s Paints.

All paints, furthermore, can be categorised along a scale of shine. The flat finish lies on one extreme end of the spectrum (termed ‘no shine’). Gloss, on the other hand, lies on the other end (designated: maximum shine). Semi-gloss, satin, and eggshell lie somewhere along the middle of this scale.

We have already mentioned that the eggshell finish gives a feel similar to that of an actual eggshell. On the shine scale, correspondingly, it represents quite a balanced option.

It is, of course, more decorative than the flat finish; in this respect. But it also does not bring too much shine quality to your walls. In fact, its effect is more similar to that of a mild lustre.



Comparison of eggshell finish to other finishes

Since semi-gloss and satin are closer to eggshell on the shine scale referenced, it’s time now to make a comparison between them. This analysis will help you in making a more informed purchasing decision.



A satin finish paint is not too shiny. Rather, its reflective properties are somewhat subdued. In comparison, the eggshell finish offers a smoother kind of wall lustre. In terms of durability, however, satin is the better option.

Satin is also a popular choice among homeowners because it requires less paint coats during the application process. But it is also tricky to work with.

Due to its extra-shine quality, satin paints can easily result in application errors such as hard or uneven strokes – which are more visible after the paint has dried.


Eggshell vs Semi-gloss

From the ‘durability’ perspective, experts consider semi-gloss finishes to be some of the most resilient. But for general use, both eggshell and semi-gloss finishes can imbue a decent shine to your house walls.


Benefits of an eggshell finish for your home

Now that you know the basics of an eggshell finish, you will want to know why and where to use it in your home.


Why use the eggshell finish?

The term ‘eggshell’ is quite misleading. Because unlike actual eggshells, this finish is not actually weak (in any sense). It is quite durable to the natural processes of wear and tear. Also, the variety is difficult to damage, but easier to clean.

For the most part, experts also often recommend it for house exteriors.

At the same time, an eggshell finish is a good choice if you do not seek a total lack of shine in your home walls. Overall, it offers a perfect balance, and looks quite smooth in appearance.


Where to use the eggshell finish?

It is highly recommendable to use an eggshell paint in the areas that receive a lot of visitor traffic in your home. Since this paint variety is also resistant to the ravages of repeated cleaning, it makes a good choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Some tips for buying the right  eggshell paint

When browsing through the paint aisle, it is always good to be careful – regardless of the type of paint you end up buying.  In this respect, the number one tip is to go for a reputable paint brand (like Gobi’s Paints).

Now if you are particularly interested in getting a paint with an eggshell sheen, remember that its consistency may differ depending on the manufacturer.

This means that the eggshell consistency of one brand could be similar to that of the satin variety from another. So do ask for samples before you make the purchase, and ensure that the product matches your requirements.



Now that you know a little something about the aesthetic appeal and durability of an eggshell finish, it’s time to take the next step. To be even surer if this variety is right for you, consult a paint expert. These specialists often tend to come along with the services offered by reputable paint brands.

We do, however, recommend that you check its availability with Gobi’s Paints first. We want your first paint job (with this type of finish) to be a success!

If you have anything to add to the information regarding eggshell paint finishes detailed here, please share in the comments section below.



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