Why you should invest in Montviro Islamabad

February 6, 2019 • blog,Buying,Construction,General,Housing Schemes

Montviro, a mega mixed-use development, has succeeded in turning many heads in the twin-city duo of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The project’s unique concept of blending entertainment and leisure facilities with an irresistible shopping experience (its star attraction) has fast caught on as a hit commercial trend.

Not many developers, truly, can handle the challenge of taking up developments of such scale. Additionally, the technical expertise and financial acumen which Montviro cultivates has made replication even more daunting for its peers.

Here is a sneak peek on why investing in Montviro is totally worth your while – in both the short and long terms.


A magnet for visitors

Montviro’s strategic location on National Highway N-75 in Islamabad’s Zone IV, also known as the Murree Expressway, allows it to serve a huge number of visitors. The project’s developer anticipates that this number will easily surpass the average footfall any mixed-used mall in the twin cities currently receives.

In addition, the facilities planned for the project are quite unprecedented; destined to set new trends of their own. Following complete development, Montviro will offer:

  • A five-star hotel
  • A theme park spanning 150 kanals
  • Cave restaurant
  • A gold souk
  • Pakistan’s first skywalk
  • A huge shopping mall
  • Rhyming fountains
  • Mountain Safari
  • Forest camping escapades
  • Shooting Club
  • Thrilling water rides

And many other things for you to discover!


Leisure land for tourists

Due to its presence right on the Murree Expressway, Montviro has a unique edge over its commercial competitors in the capital.

On average, around 30,000 people travel to and from the northern parts of the city using this highway on a daily basis. The counts recorded for the weekends go even higher.

As such, the leisure and recreational facilities planned at Montviro are too tempting to be ignored by any passing-by vacationers. And to experience them, they will only have to make a stop on their way to their planned destinations.

At Zameen.com, we are confident that once ready, Montviro will turn into a converging destination for many travellers hoping to experience more than just the scenic beauty of the area.

Presently, the other hill stations in the country lack the full gamut of thrilling adventure options which tourists seek. With recreational options ranging from a mountain safari to a skywalk instalment, Montviro will provide what’s missing.


Base camp for international travellers

We all know how keen the government is to promote tourism in the country – a very laudable step. And slowly but surely, the executive’s efforts really are starting to bear fruit; with large numbers of foreign travellers currently pouring in.

At present, Montviro is making preparations to meet all the hospitality requirements of this incoming wave of international tourists. In fact, its very location makes it the ideal piece of real estate to serve as the base camp for foreign visitors heading to explore the northern, southern, and western parts of the city.

Irtifa Group, the developer behind Montviro, fully has this emerging dynamic in mind; as exemplified by the planned five-star hotel.

So for all the tourists looking forward to skiing in Naltar, mounting the famous five ‘eight-thousander’ peaks located in the Karakoram range and the Himalayas, or taking part in the Markhor Trophy Hunting contest in Gilgit-Baltistan, the Montviro hotel can serve as an idyllic launch point.


A shoppers’ haven

Vacationers and tourists like to buy lots of souvenirs from the places they visit. These objects, which can be anything really, serve as memorabilia. And the purchasing options available at the Montviro shopping mall fully cater to this need.

The said shopping complex will be completed under phase I of the project’s development plan. Please go through our last blog to have a look at the complete list of projects planned for construction under this phase.

The four-level Montviro shopping mall is expected to house some of the most famous international brands and local retailers. But at the same time, the developer is quite keen on ensuring that visitors’ product-quality expectations don’t go unmet.

For businesses, the mall promises an almost unparalleled set of commercial opportunities. Due to the high expected visitors’ footfall mentioned, the sales prospects offered will be huge. And the anticipated returns are rather more promising, specifically, for brands that offer unique products and services.


Rates comparison

Despite the fact that Montviro enjoys several unique developmental advantages over its competitors, property rates here are quite reasonable.

On average, the price of commercial space in the city’s other premier shopping malls ranges between PKR 150,000 and PKR 250,000 (per square feet).

Montviro, on the other hand, offers purchasing rates between PKR 18,000 and PKR 36,000 (per square feet), depending on floor location. Please note that these are introductory rates. Ground floors commercial space is also available.

When considered against the backdrop of Montviro’s true potential, the rates quoted by the developer are quite tempting. This is precisely the reason why investors believe that Montviro is dishing out the ‘right’ offers.

With development work quickly proceeding in the right direction, the rates are likely to inch-up soon. And perhaps sooner than what most people expect.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to book the units at their current introductory rates.

If you have any queries regarding the project, or some feedback to share concerning this post, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

You can also get in touch with the developer to book your commercial unit in Montviro by calling at +92-311-122-2368.



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