Zulfiqar Homes: Hyderabad’s first-ever luxury bungalow society

February 8, 2019 • blog,Housing Schemes

Have you ever thought about living in a bungalow?

If so, what if we told you of a place that could give you the bungalow of your dreams? In a price range that’s just right – corresponding to what is typically demanded for an entire house unit in Hyderabad, in fact!

Would you consider such an offer?

Well, such an offer indeed does exist in Zulfiqar Homes; a residential scheme that is situated along the Hyderabad Bypass.


Situated along Pakistan’s longest highway network

Zulfiqar Homes sits along the Hyderabad Bypass (as mentioned), which is itself a sub-section of National Highway 5 (N-5). Its easy access (without any traffic hassle), as such, is a good indicator of the scheme’s potential.

The importance of N-5 as Pakistan’s longest highway network should not be understated here. Nor the developer’s strategic thinking – which is fully on display given their development’s choice location. Additionally, you should know that N-5 also forms part of the ancient Grand Trunk (GT) Road network.

For industrialists, investing in a scheme as good as Zulfiqar Homes can be likened to winning the ultimate jackpot!

When looked at from their perspective, you have major commercial centres such as Lahore and Karachi within your reach. So whether you run business from home or abroad, the scheme will always present a viable investment option.

And for those seeking a comfortable residential experience, living in Zulfiqar Homes can prove idyllic. The lifestyle here is as affordable as it is luxurious. So is the quality of the bungalows on offer.


Backed by a major construction player

Zulfiqar Homes is a highly anticipated real estate project backed by Hanif Builders & Developers: a major player in Sindh’s construction industry.

The group strives to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Their development approach requires an extreme level of skill and dedication. And Hanif Builders & Developers have proven time and again that they are the best in what they do!

The group is run by energetic and committed individuals who are experienced in their respective fields. Whatever the scale of the project, Hanif Builders & Developers ensure that their clients’ requirements are fulfilled.


An ‘awesome’ lifestyle experience in the making

Zulfiqar Homes offers state-of-the-art single and double-storey bungalows, as well as residential and commercial plots.

The bungalows are further divided into types: E, E1, D, D1, C, C1, B, B1, and B2. Each comes with a kitchen and a car porch. Additional features include lawn, servant quarter, terrace, and drawing room facilities.

These bungalows are available in two, three, four and five bedroom options. And if this wasn’t enough, the units that feature in the C category also run on solar energy. How’s that for fine living!

Buyers can easily purchase the residential or commercial plots of their choosing. Moreover, the labour work on road, water and sanitation, and electricity instalments is almost complete.

The developers have also accorded special priority to the society’s security and maintenance system. As such, a vigilant security staff detail guards the residential quarters round-the-clock.


Cost and instalment plan details

Currently, the bungalows (the star attraction) can be purchased in the PKR 2.4 million to PKR 8.4 million range.

Residential plots measuring 80, 120, 200, and 500 square yards are also available for PKR 1.44 million to PKR 9.0 million.

Description 80 sq/yds 120 sq/yds 200 sq/yds 500 sq/yds
Booking 90,000 150,000 200,000 450,000
Confirmation 130,000 175,000 250,000 500,000
Allocation 130,000 175,000 250,000 500,000
Monthly Instalment 10,000×36








Quarterly Instalment 20,000×12








Start of Work 105,000 150,000 250,000 600,000
Demarcation 120,000 140,000 250,000 550,000
Possession 85,000 140,000 210,000 475,000
Plot Price 1,260,000 1,890,000 3,150,000 7,875,000
Development Charges 180,000 270,000 450,000 1,125,000
Total Cost 1,440,000 2,160,000 3,600,000 9,000,000

Moreover, the scheme features commercial plots measuring 120 and 288 square yards. Their prices go from PKR 2.16 million to PKR 7.76 million. For a detailed payment plan, visit Zameen project page for Zulfiqar Homes.

Aspiring buyers can easily purchase their desired properties by making cash payments, or following an instalment plan.

So are you looking to invest in Zulfiqar Homes?

And do you have any questions or concerns regarding your decision?

Share your feedback with us in the comments section below, or visit Zameen Forum for more discussion on the topic.


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