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[6 Answers]

I am looking to buy a plot in bahria enclave - sector c3 street 19a.

The plot is near nalla i want to know if this would affect the price of the plot.

Also, please if you can tell me the range of how much the plot cost there.


    16 days ago In Property Evaluation
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    @Abdul Qayyum @imtiaz @nadeem_ahmed @isloo please give your valuable suggestions thanks
      16 days ago 

      (1295 posts)

      If I not wrong the Street & Plot (35x70 strip) in question has a Naala (lake in BT's fancy to sell language). Honestly, as per BE map, for personal living I think it has minimal impact on Lake/Nalla, whatever one likes to call that. However, generally speaking, in a market of buy/sell:

      - Near to Nalla, High Tension wires, and depression (for obvious reasons) are seen as turn off. In Particular, land around Nalla is generally land depressed and compromised surroundings. The concept of Naala in open land and land in society like BT is quite different and it varies from case to case.

      This one in particular, as per BE map seems all ok if personal home is desired. If buying/selling as an investment is desired then I would suggest an alternative can be better, its many a times a perception and perceptions are hard to change for most the customers.

      Price not accurate figures but somewhere there should be around 8 million (+/- 3 lac) and above.

      Hopefully, other members can add more to it.
        15 days ago 

        (577 posts)
        Check with Bahria and local dealers to get insight into depth and extent of filling. Sometime they fill even nalla tributaries but water channels continue to run underground that makes house construction extremely difficult and expensive.

        Bahria deep fills land without proper compection and then shift the cost to house owners by forcing them to pay huge sums for basement, foundation and extra steel in structure.

        You don't want to get into this pitfall, so do your research well. Don't just listen to your dealer who would be eager to close the deal get his commission and then take off.

        If this is a good deal that you don't want to loose then get its soil tested. It would be expensive but would save your tens of millions and getting stuck with a bad plot.

        Note: near to nalla does not always means land is filled. But in case of Bahria, it is in most cases. So check it well.

          15 days ago 

          (577 posts)
          High tension wires is also a big issue in this street. This will always keep prices on low side.
            14 days ago 

            (10 posts)
            Jazak Allah khair. These suggestions are very helpful.
              12 days ago 

              Syed Raza
              (23 posts)
              Asalam o alikum those streets of c3 mostly purchase by new York for building villas and st 19 a is near to nalla and high tension wires but the no's between 8-15 is filling Rest of the no's are good and non filling areas... If you really want to purchase plot than y don't you go C2 new booking plots most of the part is develop and Bahria machines continously work and develop the location for further information regarding Bahria Enclave call me on

                16 hours ago 

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