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Taimur Ahmed
( 2 posts )

[2 Answers]
Awt plot purchase advice. Why there is no development despite of excellent location?

    190 days ago In General Advice
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    Abdul Qayyum
    (2044 posts)
    @ Taimur

    AWT has got its value addition after getting access to the motorway but it is slow in nature. All electrical poles hanging everywhere and they failed to see the better societies competition in neighborhood, such as TC/MC/Gandhara and many more, especially F-17 & B-17.

    Still not bad as having water dam just in vicinity and have seen more than 20 years, putting itself in the natural time-bound rising status. They have imposed fines now on non-developed plot owners and hopefully will get more residents in near future.

    Yes AWT is good in its own class and has a benefit by sitting on the MW access.
      190 days ago 

      Taimur Ahmed
      (2 posts)
      Thanks for reply. @abdul

      Any other feedback community?
        189 days ago 

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