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[6 Answers]

I would like to invest in a built (or near built) home in dha or bahria in rawalpindi or islamabad.

My budget is around 1 crore. Please can you let me know what is possible with this budget in a reasonable development?

This probably will not stretch to 10 marla, but not sure if 8 is possible.

Please can you let me know.


    339 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (43 posts)
    In this budget you can get a 5 marla house in Bahria phase 8.
      339 days ago 

      (12 posts)
      Bahria is always best option
        337 days ago 

        (570 posts)
        Ready to build homes in this price range would be in Bahria Phase 8.

        Other option which should be considered other than Bahria or DHA would be

        1. Sadiqabad

        2. Adyala Road

        3. Airport Housing Society

        4. Khana Area Shkeriayal, Khanna Road, Al Noor Colony etc.
          332 days ago 

          (23 posts)
          Thanks guys - what if I was to stretch my budget to 1.5 crore - what other DHA and Bharia phases could I invest in. I want a ready build if possible, where there is a community. Not really interested in any of the other developments.

          Location wise - I don’t mind Rawalpindi or Islamabad. Also please advise size of plot possible in this budget.

            329 days ago 

            (2034 posts)
            If 1.1+ to 1.5 is the budget & BT/DH is the preference, go for Enclave!

            In Phase 8 that budget could easily get 7+ Marla.

            In Enclave that budget most probably gets best of 5 Marla & some block 8 Marla may be. One of the down side of built houses in BT, particularly Phase 8 (some parts) is filled land and after some years, structure may suffer due to that even if there was a minor glitch in the construction.

              329 days ago 

              (85 posts)
              In Dha phase 3 Ex-Serene city 5.33marla homes double storey are for sale by Zameen ACE homes @1.25CR . On 2 years installment plan . Check that out. Excellent investment. Close to GT road all possessioned area. Only 3 KM from Giga mall WTC
                329 days ago 

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