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[5 Answers]
Bahria Town Karachi booking form and registration forms are available in market on Rs. 25000 to 125000 for different size plots and apartments.

- Is this good time to buy these forms on this price now or should I wait?

- What is meant by form and registration forms?

- Where can I find full price and installment details?

Please share your knowledge. Thanks.

    2712 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Real Estate ..
    (1046 posts)

    These registration forms are needed for booking a plot in Bahria Town Karachi on the project launch.

    Yes you can buy the form, but currently the rates have risen to a great extent and if you would be able to win in the balloting process, only then you can book a plot.
    In my view, this is just a gamble.
    Thats my personal assessment,
    rest ALLAH knows better.
      2711 days ago 

      Ahsen Khan
      (190 posts)
      Investors are really converging towards Bahria Town. Seems Karachi is still low on security!
        2711 days ago 

        (2512 posts)
        Bahria Town Karachi Residential plots are a good investment.
          2711 days ago 

          Sheikh Abdul..
          (1750 posts)
          But would it be a good investment, I mean value for money considering the crime rate is very high?

          Would BT be considered as overpriced at this stage?
            2711 days ago 

            (228 posts)
            Thanks for sharing information.
              2711 days ago 

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