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Saud Hameed
( 2 posts )

[8 Answers]
Hi guys, hope you are doing good.

Situation at hand is that i m thinking to settle permanently in lahore, for that i m looking for a plot these days where i would build a house in a year or two. I m very confused between bahria town and dha and couldnt decide which one is better. The way i look at it is dha has a better approach to the main city, educational institutes and job facilities and bahria is more peaceful and secure.

Whats the expert opinion on this matter?

and do mention if u think there is any other better option than these 2

Thanks for ur time

    1346 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (9 posts)
    You should leave both options and consider HBFC. It is much better option than both DHA & bharia. It is peaceful, much cheap and secure society.

    It exists in the periphery of DHA

    For further details contact me 0300492448
      1346 days ago 

      Muhammad Sam..
      (151 posts)
      DHA bro- further dpends on ur range to buy plot.
        1346 days ago 

        (1171 posts)
        Bahria prices are more reasonable these days. What's your budget?
          1345 days ago 

          Saud Hameed
          (2 posts)
          Budget is around 60 to 65 lakhs. Wont there be plots avaiable in phase 8 or 9 of DHA in this range?
            1344 days ago 

            (1171 posts)
            In phase 9 you have plots still on paper only. In Phase 8 development is complete and train has left the station.

            You can get 5-8 Marla in main Bahria Town or 8 Marla to kanal in Bahria Orchards.
              1344 days ago 

              (6 posts)
              Apologies, it is a busy forum that's y i posted it here. Though it is not related to this thread. Sorry again.


              i want to buy a shop for investment towards ph7 and ph8 side in behria.

              please advise me which is the best commercial area coz every dealer starts selling me his own portfolio.


              spring north, spring south, business district, mini commercial, square commercial hub commercial and manay.

              please list 2 or 3 choices for me with some advise as well.
                1342 days ago 

                (215 posts)
                Amjad spring north seems better as it has more traffic flow in front of it , better rental value and prices are less as compared to bussiness bay and midway.
                  1341 days ago 

                  Ali Shahid
                  (47 posts)
                  In Dha, you would only be able to afford a 5 or 8 marla possession plot... You can check DHA 9 town.

                  Whereas in Bahria town, you can still buy 10 Marla in Sector F or Bahria orchard in this budget.
                    1325 days ago 

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