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[19 Answers]
Which one is a better investment at the moment?

Cdhechs (e-16/17)
(benefits are i. Inside islamabad capital territory limits; ii. On gt road; iii. In zone 2; iv. Future access to blue area extension)


(benefits - i. Near new airport; ii. Possible access to kashmir highway extension; iii. Same grid station as airport so less load-shedding; iv. Led lights; v. Fibre optic etc.)

Which one is better and why?

    2309 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (3019 posts)
    Which of the two options has greater potential?
      2307 days ago 

      (3 posts)
      In my opinion e-16/17 better than pechs bcoz new airport is some 8 km away from e-16/17 and its also near to islamabad and big benefit it is on gt road.
        2307 days ago 

        Aleem Lodhi
        (14 posts)
        I agree with mohsin sb cabinet is better choice & it has potential.
          2306 days ago 

          Syed Ibrhaim
          (1436 posts)
          Dear brother
          I also agree with mr mohsin and mr aleem in my personal opinion e 16 and 17 is better then pechs. There are 3 major points in any sector a location b development c price.
            2305 days ago 

            (3019 posts)
            How about these comparisons:

            1. E-16 versus e-17
            (if someone can afford both options which is better for investment and living)

            2. Cdechs versus f-16 (which sector for f-16 is best for investment)

            3. Is there a chance that after new airport is fully operational, p.E.C.H.S will experience big boom and cross cdechs because of airport lighting and other benefits such as access to kashmir highway?
              2301 days ago 

              (248 posts)
              I am a no brainer but i can say for sure pechs is way ore over priced. Once the noise of airport starts their will be nobody except property dealers and inverters with their huge investment who are reluctant to sell with losses.
                2300 days ago 

                Ch Shahid
                (278 posts)
                Dear all
                We are developing 1 kanal plots in front of airport entrance and on airport link road. If anyone is interested to purchase there than please contact us.
                Price is 8 lac per kanal.
                  2298 days ago 

                  Syed Ibrhaim
                  (1436 posts)
                  Dear brother pk1
                  In e 16 and e 17 my personal choice will be e 17 as its height-ed near to damn view is good plus there is no high-tension wires in e 17.
                  Cdechs vs f 16 purely investment wise.
                  If jkchs starts development work in f 16 with in one year or 6 months then prices will be double there ( minimum) but the thing is that if they starts. On safe side investment cdechs is better as already developed but if u can take risk of one or 2 years then it can be a jackpot like f 15 2 non developed area.
                    2295 days ago 

                    Tahir Mahmoo..
                    (53 posts)
                    There is a news of three commercial plazas construction about to start within few days in pechs. I have seen the adds on olx. If this is true, then what is ur opinion about price rise in pechs. I personally talked to some agents and they told now prices r increasing day by day in pechs. Within next 6 months time, prices will be more then double.
                      2295 days ago 

                      (3019 posts)
                      There are 1-2 property dealers who are even advertising pechs like this: "double your investment in one year".
                      They have been saying this for more than one year now but prices have not doubled yet. Some time b ack they were saying that in march 2013 cargo operations will start at the new airport and pechs prices will take a big jump. But we all know, nothign much happened.
                      If you speak to these property dealers they say if you don't buy in pechs in 1-2 weeks prices will go beyond your reach etc. Etc.

                      Yes one day pechs will take a jump because it is a good name and good development, but i don't think you should believe everything the property dealers say. They have their own investments in some societies so they will always promote those societies with exaggeration.
                        2294 days ago 

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