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Ajmal H
( 7 posts )

[16 Answers]
Aoa members,

I am planning to invest around 3.5 million to buy property. Here are my options so far

1. I-16 - 25x50 - around 3.5 million
2. Dha3 (b sector) - 25x50 - around 3.5 million
3. B-17 (e block) - 30x60 - around 3.5 million

@imitaz sb, @nadeem sb
Kindly advise me what is the better option for me considering things like, ring road, air port etc. Also if there are more options do let me know. Thanks

    318 days ago In Where to Buy
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    (1329 posts)

    all three options you mention are quite solid with each having its distinctive features (DHA brand, CDA Sector, Multi affiliation). I am not too knowledgeable about the DHA, so I would leave that to some guru to shed light on that.

    In addition, Gulberg Residencia, FOECHS, CBR-2, Taj Residencia all have good future prospects both for living and investment.

    If you ask, I would go with I-16 and in that budget, specifically, I-16/4. Again, my recommendation is based on my personal views and other may differ to that - very welcome!

    My reasons to go for I-16.

    - Distance from mainstream city

    *0-point to B-17: 40 - 50 min (31 - 41km) depending on the route
    *0-point to DHA3: 41 - 45 min (41 - 46km) depending on the route
    *0-point to I-16: 32 - 37 min (20 - 22km) depending on the route

    - Future Developments

    Planned Rawalpindi Ring Road can benefit will benefit both DHA-3 and I-16. The combination of RRR + Thalian Interchange will favor I-16 more.

    Some useful links:

    If you can increase the budget to 4 million, you can get a 25x50 plot near Markaz. For now the price difference is just about 5 - 6 lacs but when Markaz gets developed the prices of nearby plots will see a big jump.

    * If you open up I-16 in Google Maps and Zoom in closer, you can click on that land area in the map to see the exact plot number in real time.

    Rest, I will simply copy-paste few point I typed in another forum regarding I-16 and they may be relevant and helpful here.

    Earlier post on some other thread.
    - Sector Layout
    If you look through google maps, I-16 is a perfect squared shape sector that has been the layout of the proper CDA sectors. Whereas I-14 is irregular. Squared shape sectors somehow evenly divide 4 sub-sectors with Markaz in centre and better management and maintenance of the sector compared to irregular ones. 16/2 is getting populated at a decent pace.

    - Civic Amenities
    Gas and Electricity are already available with good underground water as of now, whereas CDA has already started working on the water supply or probably already done by CDA. Not sure if I-14 has Gas connections, as of now.

    - Neighborhood
    I-16 is connected to 3 fast developing societies at 3 - 5 minutes drive that include FOECS, CBR-2 and Upcountry. For example, Upcountry has signed MoUs with Nayatel, and best school systems in ISB. These education, health and other services, if I-16 cannot have, I-16 will still be able to have them based in nearby fast developing societies.

    - Link from I-14 to I-16
    CDA has floated the tender earlier this year for the rehabilitation of link road from I-14 to I-16. There is already a proper road but that needs maintenance and upgrade. CDA ensures such up-gradation but only once sector is largely populated to avoid wear and tear of roads during house construction. Upgraded link is also needed to boost I-15 which is between 14 and 16 and CDA is planning to develop it sooner.

    - Access from Mainstream City
    CBR-2 that is adjacent to I-16 is in process of getting a direct connection from Thalian Interchange. Whenever that happens, I-16 will be just a few km drives from the Thalian Interchange, New Airport and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, there were talks between CDA and NHA to given access to I-16/15/14 from Kashmir Highway through H-16 sector that has been reserved for the Central Jail. In worst scenario it already has the access from Motorway to I-14 to I-16 and takes about 25 minutes from Zero-point to I-16.

    - I-17 as a Medical City
    I-17 has been approved by the CDA to be a medical city with teaching hospital and university run by NUMS (military based institute) that will boost I-16.

    - PHA flats
    PHA flats in 16/3 will boost I-16 as they are being constructed by PHA (ministry of housing) so they will only become attractive once infrastructure, facilities, access and quality of life is improved.
      318 days ago 

      Mohammad sha..
      (55 posts)
      Imtiaz bahi the way u explain positive things about 16/2 is seems u have couple of plots there.
        318 days ago 

        Fahad Azhar
        (125 posts)
        As you mentioned you live near i-14. My suggestion is go for sector i16. Investment + approach suitable to you.
          318 days ago 

          (1329 posts)
          Salam Shaeer,

          My plots & my views do not matter man, wherever & whatever they may be :) What does matter is logic, facts and evidence (based on publicly available links). Plots & Comments can come and go but neutrality is lasting and folks here are mature enough to judge for themselves as no one will buy or sell based on comments on this forum that I strongly believe. By the way, I have listed due negatives too, in other thread... depending on the context of discussion.

          Always happy to explicitly mention in each post where 'my recommendation' is being asked.

          "Again, my recommendation is based on my personal views and other may differ to that - very welcome!"
            318 days ago 

            (557 posts)
            Could you please share the negatives of I-16 in your opinion or the link to where u mentioned them. Based on the view here, it seems a decent investment and thus underpriced. Does it have possession? Thanks
              318 days ago 

              (1329 posts)
              Negatives of I-16 as I see:

              - Overhead electricity lines

              - Broken inner roads that needs re-carpeting

              - Access from GT road passes through I-14, unlike B-17 that has direct access

              - Much less populated, as of now compared to B-17

              - Commercial in Markaz has been auctioned but that needs development.

              These are a few that are prominent and at top of my head! Other people can add more, to the list. CDA is known for its slow development pace compared to the private projects.

              One must consider this is the cheapest option available in I & G series CDA owned sectors. Prices appreciated about 30% - 35% from Jan 1, 2018 till elections but afterwards in I-16 prices are at a standstill, as of now.
                318 days ago 

                (557 posts)
                Does it have possession? Are any houses there? Are any people living there? Any land dispute, unclear land, villages etc?
                  318 days ago 

                  (1329 posts)
                  Does it have possession?
                  * 100% as I know (all 4 sub-sectors)

                  Are any houses there?
                  * 25 to 30 in 16/2 as in Google Maps
                  * 4 to 5 in 16/4
                  * PHA Flats in 16/3

                  My last visit was in Aug so there may be updates after that.

                  Are any people living there?
                  * Yes many families in 16/2 but with all facilities (proper commercial, shopping malls, petrol pump) within the sector may take 2 to 3 years from now.

                  Any land dispute, unclear land, villages etc?
                  * No dispute, as much as I know. All sector cleared, with plots numbered, possessed and developed.

                  In Google Maps you can check each plot number by zooming in and clicking the land on the map.
                    318 days ago 

                    (557 posts)
                    Perfect, Many thanks Imtiaz Bhai, God bless you
                      318 days ago 

                      (1329 posts)
                        318 days ago 

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