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Fahad Azhar
( 125 posts )

[3 Answers]
I have never bought a plot. I am a quite a newbie. I want to invest 3 to 4 million in property. What would be the best option ?

- 5 marla plot in dha phase 3
- 5 marla plot in bahria phase 8
- 5 marla plot at main chakri road near ring road

I run an export company and i also need a space for warehouse. So if i buy in chakri road, it will also save some rent. A warehouse space will save approx rs.20'000/month rent for me.

Also i don't know much price increases in dha3 or bahria town in approx 3 years?

    376 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Muhammad Soh..
    (46 posts)
    Dear Farhan Azhar

    Well from the questions above what i can get is that you need 2 things #1 a property that will increase its value with the time and the #2 the same property working as a ware house for your business.

    Bahria and Dha will not allow any irregular construction other than the proper house. So that plot will not act as a ware house for you in Bahria or DHa.

    I will go with the DHA option as of the Nab and the supreme courts inquiries against the Bahria is dragging the market of down. And its never a good time to invest in sinking market.

    The next option is chakri road. The price appreciation will not be as much as DHA but it can be a good place to make a ware house. And evnetually the real estate pays off good in the long run.
      375 days ago 

      (1375 posts)
      Fahad, first of all, all the best and good wishes to invest or purchase wherever you like to.

      1. Investment of PKR 3 to 4 million.
      Pakistani real estate is like an unofficial stock market that acts more on news and vibes than on actual events (most of the time). For last 5+ years the new Islamabad Airport thing has been sold and developers/investors have made some serious fortunes. The Aiport did bring along lots of infrastructural developments towards zone 2. Now that development has mostly been settled, at-least the location selling based on new Airport on high prices. Next one is Rawalpindi Ring Road. AQ sb shared a detailed and precise map of the proposed alignment that is somehow similar to the one publicly available presentation by Govt. of Punjab to Asian Development Bank or most probably to the Chinese.

      Link to publicly available presentation:

      Based on that alignment (provided the condition that there is no significant change in the layout) lets classify them more objectively.

      A. Big Beneficiaries - Connection to RRR through link from T-chowk

      - DHA 3 (since the prices can be on higher side so despite gains the %age of gain, i.e., profit/marla or profit/lac may be slightly low than some other options).

      - Phase 8 (can gain more than DHA 3, however, some ongoing legal litigation for BT in general and Phase 8 must be sorted)

      B. Mega Winners

      - Adyala Road
      - Dhamyal Area
      - Chakri Road (the city is growing already towards that area with lots of development and new projects. However, one big issues is that lots of developers don't have the NOCs as of now. For example, Blue World, Bin Alam City and lots of farm housing schemes. Also, many people are selling on higher prices by claiming close to Airport and RRR. For example, Capital Smart City has NOC and good development pace but they are not as close to the airport and ring road as they claim to be + high prices (4+ lac/marla excluding the development charges for that area). In comparison, societies like Alharam City (possession and legal area) which is dirt cheap now can grow significantly).

      C. Possible Jackpots - Connection to RRR from Thalian leading up to Hajj Complex.

      - CDA Sectors I-16, I-15, I-14 (Future I-17 too as Medical City)
      - Private societies like CBR-2, Foreign Office Society, Up-country Enclosures and Taj Residencia.

      In conclusion, if I have to pick for residential, I will go with Phase 8, Alharam City, CBR-2, I-16. Possession area is suggested or at-least under developed but with NOC, land acquired and development ongoing.

      2. Warehouse Option
      This can have completely different dynamics to the residential one. For warehouse not only price matters but also access and location.

      - Practically not a good idea to buy place that comes cheap but involves lots of time and fuel burning to reach there, especially for business/warehousing.

      - Warehouses in societies can possibly only operate in designated commercial areas that can be expensive. You can somehow manage small warehouse but any medium scale warehouse will never be welcomed by societies in residential area due to legal aspects, too much traffic in the residential streets etc. etc.

      - Open land near Fateh Jhang can be a good idea for warehousing as of now land is quite cheap and in future that area is going to be developed to support the logistics for new airport + possibly the CPEC.

      *All above are personal preferences based on available data and facts with assumptions that the last version of the RRR alignment keeps intact or no significant changes.
        375 days ago 

        Aftab Khatta..
        (98 posts)
        My openion will be to go for DHA3, think for your future and buying a plot at this stage, when u can afford. But a 5 marla or 10 marls but in a secure place, where u can make a house and you kids can live.
          375 days ago 

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