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Baber Rabban..
( 1628 posts )

[149 Answers]
Saadi bhai. What is your stance and view on dha peshawar launching ?
Is it worth ? Would be grateful if you give your view on following points ?
1. How is the location of this dha?
2. 1 kanal for 55 and 10 marla for 22 lac seem to me high. What do you say?
3. These prices are without development charges. How much charges are expected to be applied ?

I would be grateful if other dha experts can give their view too.

    1432 days ago In Investors Advice
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    Asad Malik
    (419 posts)
    Malik sb, My suggestion is to stay away now as you have rightly mentioned that prices are too high. You can monitor the progress of the prices. My guess is that price will decreased when development charges are announced.
      1432 days ago 

      (1015 posts)
      It is near Regi Lalma and Tribal Areas I think, so we have to see how it goes. If they get all the land and secure boundary etc then it will be good, however Nasir Bagh Road is not safe at night so they must be doing something about it hopefully.
        1432 days ago 

        (393 posts)
        Prices in Regi Lalma has increased close to a 100% this year.

        It is a little on the high side, but this will be a screaming success in 5 years time as an investment. Best time to invest in DHA when there is an Army chief that carries a big stick.
          1432 days ago 

          (287 posts)
          Khan sahib 007, The army chief will be gone in one year time along with his stick:) . There will be new chief with new stick...short or long stick..we dont know. Anyways could you please elaborate the reason for increase in prices of Regi Lalma? Has the tribal feud over this land been settled?
            1431 days ago 

            Sohail Khan
            (531 posts)
            Regi model town is only flop due to dispute of land between tribal and PDA, otherwise located on prime location touching main university road on one side and naser bagh road on other side, 40-50 % of development work is completed on roads etc, there are news that PDA is doing lot of work now a days in zone 1 & 2 of regi and zone 3 & 4 were earlier cleared and few houses were build in zone 4, therefore prices are going up as might people sensing the resolution of dispute due to PDA started more work there.

            Also If this DHA coming near to regi, it will further secure the area and prices will further jump more in Regi Model Town first, remember RMT in Peshawar is like a CDA sector in islamabad, DHA and Bahria will never be able to match the location.
              1431 days ago 

              (393 posts)
              People are building houses and moving in..... It was more a case of the nearby villagers getting involved in kidnappings from ransom that caused the issue. Those bandits have been driven out for the most part.... Because of that big stick :)
                1431 days ago 

                (4444 posts)
                @ BR malik..Sir let me get an official stance over this and i will get back to all of you over this thread..

                As far as my personal opinion is concerned, it can prove to be a good long term investment but cannot be fruitful for quick buck earners.Prices seems to be a bit on higher side plus development charges of dha are always high so we have to see how kpk market respond over this activity.Another opinion that is worth considering is the fact that kpk has a lot of money and currently there is no credible investment available so it might turn into a huge success if dha develop it at some fast pace.But current scenarios dictate that dha is always an excellent long term investment however not so good for short term.
                  1431 days ago 

                  Mr. Suleiman
                  (241 posts)
                  Dear members,

                  Could you please explain the procedure to apply. Where should I submit completed documents for registration? Can I make it in DHA Islamabad Office or any other approved office in Islamabad or I have to visit DHA Peshawar Office?

                  Declaration can be printed and signed on plain paper or should it be on stamp paper?

                    1431 days ago 

                    (125 posts)
                    A Judicial Commission (JC) is looking into the matter between KuKiKhel Afridis and PDA. Only parts of Zone 2 and 5 in Regi Model Town are in dispute. There are some rumours in favour of PDA circulating which have given a boost to land prices in Zones 1 and 2.

                    No scheme can compete RMT when it comes to price and location. DHA prices are foolishly high and I heard most of land is in depression which could be a disadvantage to DHA and may cause high developmental charges.

                    DHA has reduced its prices from 60 lac for 1 Kanal to 55 lac. I hope that the prices would further depreciate in coming days due to RMT and BT.
                      1431 days ago 

                      (316 posts)
                      Multi Will take a further dip and adjust to the right value due to DHA Peshawer and Bahria Peshawer.after that it will good investment
                        1431 days ago 

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