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Rana Shaukat
( 14 posts )

[9 Answers]
Why there is sudden rise in dha phase 3 sector a 5 marla plots ? Is this for real or fake. Because i am seeing a increase of 7-8 lac approx in just a month.

    81 days ago In Where to Buy
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    Abdul Qayyum
    (2357 posts)
    Rana sb
    I wrote and people were reluctant to take my point of view regarding RRR bound gigantic change just around the corner in twin cities properties.
    DHA-3 is spread over huge miles having developed part only which was taken from bahria town.
    Other part of DHA-3 is the old Rawalpindi housing society which stretched beyond even the Rawat junction. Its sectors K and J located past Rawat junction.
    RRR will only be 34 km from rawat to Thailan. Other phases being drummed by dealers will never happen in near future on funds availability plus projected corruption in the project.
    Phase-8 and DHA-3 are main beneficiary of RRR as they have resources to make flyovers from their own pockets, other developments still not clear all the way down to I-16 and the whole zone-2 but big boys like Moeez, ch Majid, Ghandhara city and the whole lot all the way down to Hakla ( CPEC) are candidates to rack money piles on RRR name as bypass master design incorporates Kohat road, new airport and even ( no laughing pls) Fateh Jang!
    But keep in mind it is GHQ driven only 34 km or may be little more will be seen in 3 years time.
    We will see after ch Sarwar brings Imran khan to cut the ribbon and price hikes by dealers.
    Sir, DHA-3, 5 marlas are not developed, only few taken from bahria are ok others have been appreciated on RRR.
    باقی رہے نام اللہ کا
      79 days ago 

      (1957 posts)
      Yes agree to AQ sb and as a matter of fact whenever the heck this RRR things materialized it will be aligned to benefit DH/BT. However, for now putting too many eggs in RRR basket is jumping the gun too early.

      Its a decade's game and keep hopes not that high unless some meaningful ground work starts. Along the way there will be many societies beyond BT/DH that may be much bigger beneficiaries.

      Bottom Line: RRR will boost things up but for now its usual gimmicky stuff and not even RDA sure of final layout unless land purchase kicks off. Not long ago, B-17 or many of its sub-projects were sold in the name of Margalla Avenue. Whatever B-17 did it was purely based on delivery and Margalla Avenue factors turned out to be Negative at the end!

      -- Those who hold land in stalled parts of BT/DH are advised to hold it for next few years, rather then investors jumping in to realise that investments elsewhere would had yielded better!
        79 days ago 

        (116 posts)
        Sir the purpose of RRR would be to reduce the traffic flow in Rwp and especially bypass the heavy traffic from entering the twin if it does not touch Fateh Jang, then what's the purpose of making it
          79 days ago 

          (1957 posts)
          The purpose of RRR will be many, ideally and realistically:

          -- Intercity Comnections especially far flung areas of RWP to ISB with New Airport as prime slot.

          -- Turning those wilderness into Economic Zones worth Billions that can recover the cost of such a project multiple times.

          -- Some parts of alignments to benefit certain projects/lands/societies.

          -- Construction projects have lots and lots of commissions and money to be made. Such projects are heavens for constructors like FWO, HRL, NLC, NHA etc. etc. and all these have big say about What, When, Why, and How.

          Projects in PAK are not always to benefit the State or Tax Payers! Rest who get benefitted will be lucky, those who miss out bad luck!! Anyway, such projects if executed properly could maximise benefit for everyone including public! Uplifted infrastructures for socio-economic development.

          The way this setup has witch-hunted institutes and bureaucratese who used to work, e.g., RDA, CDA, LDA it will takes ages to recover out of this.

          The point is not to start, but how would RRR be finished? Another BRT in the making??
            79 days ago 

            Rana Shaukat
            (14 posts)
            I dont think price hike is because of RRR. Because prices are also increased in DHA Phase 2, where a 5 marla house was easily available at 150 lac and now they are asking 200 lac for a good house
              79 days ago 

              Rana Shaukat
              (14 posts)
              I have a plot in Dha phase 3 sector A & searching for a another plot these days.

              There are many other factors apart of RRR.


              - zameen ace homes construction

              - Other constructuon activity

              - After coronavirus , ppl tend to like dha's or bahria more because of social distancing.

              Plots in dha phase 2 and phase 5 are also getting the jump...

              May be its because of the coronavirus social distancing scenerio, ppl feel more safe in dha's.

              Because when you go to giga mall. Lots of ppl are wearing mask and when you go to raja bazar , there are none....
                79 days ago 

                (1957 posts)
                Yes, Rana sb, its for sure time to hold those who have it in BT/DH.

                I am not sure, how lasting the Pandemic Impact will be on our social behaviours. To me, correlating that to particular societies/projects and their selling is stretching way too far.

                In general, folks in BT/DH/High-end Sectors of CDA will be more considerate of any issues including Security, Peace of Mind, Life Style, Social Distancing etc. etc.

                A hardcore pindi guy would love to go to jam packed markets even for basic grocery, whereas a BT/DH/etc. resident would not mind it gets delivered to their door step, regardless of pandemic etc.! Such patterns exist almost across the globe!

                  79 days ago 

                  Khalid Javai..
                  (1111 posts)
                  Required plots


                  Any phase

                  Any sector

                  Give me a call for hassle free & confirm deal.


                  Khalid Javaid

                    78 days ago 

                    Rana Shaukat
                    (14 posts)
                    Can anyone guide me what are the steps to build a house in Dha, or please mention if there are already any posts regarding step by step construction..

                    Like when to get possession , When to do soil testing , when to get the map etc

                    Also about foundation and other construction procedure ?
                      77 days ago 

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